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Manganiyar Seduction at Phoenix MarketCity!

Manganiyar Seduction at Phoenix MarketCity!

Manganiyar Seduction

Music is always mesmerising to the ears and folk numbers always have a special place in people’s heart. In a view to celebrate Rajasthani folk and Sufi music, Phoenix Market City in Velachery will be hosting the internationally acclaimed theatrical musical production, ‘The Manganiyar Seduction’.

The event will be held on 21 January (Saturday), for the first time ever at Chennai.

 The show is curated by Roysten Abel, The Manganiyar Seduction is a spectacular musical journey which brings out an unexpected culmination of folk music and visual appeal.

Mangani Inner
Sound of a khamacha

The Manganiyar Seduction begins in almost complete darkness — light bulbs faintly illuminate 36 human-sized rectangular boxes on a large four-tier set.  Then the sound of a khamacha, an Indian stringed instrument, breaks the silence. Lights come up on one of the boxes to reveal the musician sitting cross-legged. He dressed in white with an orange turban.

The Manganiyars are the descendants of the Rajputs and renowned musicians of the Muslim court. Seated across 36 red-curtained cubicles on four different levels. They will render unique sounds of traditional Indian music using instruments like kamaicha, khartaal, dholak, sarangi, double flute, etc.

The melody of the Manganiyars comprises of assimilated pieces of music from regions between Punjab and Persia. Which has been performed as a musical ritual across the villages in Rajasthan for few centuries.

Roysten Abel is one of the biggest names in the Indian theatre for the last two decades. He received International recognition for his work ‘Othello in Black and White’, which won the Scotsman Fringe First Award. The Manganiyar Seduction has performed in various countries like New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Washington.

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