Railways’ special offer for app-based cab!

This move comes as many are opting to use application based cabs for transport.
Railways' special offer for app-based cab!

In a novel move, the Railways have come forward to provide space for app-based cab services.  This move comes as many are opting to use application based cabs for transport. The Railways is all set to provide space for such facility at about 500 major stations, eyeing an annual profit of Rs 300 crore.

This new policy will be unveiled by Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu next month. This project will also include providing parking space and kiosks near major stations.

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The largest public sector, the Railways at present earns about Rs 122 crores a year from parking spaces across the country. The new policy, that is to be announced next month will add the addition Rs 200 to the national transporter envisages annually.

Though a passenger can still avail Ola or Uber service through the mobile application, allowing a kiosk and adequate parking space near busy stations is expected to ensure good business for the aggregators, he said. The Railway Ministry official said that the policy was finalised after a series of discussions with cab aggregators and all of them were keen to have space near busy railway

‘The app-based cab service policy envisages good returns for the public transporter,’ he said. Faced with slow growth in passenger and freight sector, the Railways is diversifying its earning sources and effective utilisation of parking lots is one of them. The official added that the new initiative was passenger-friendly as one can get these services at stations even without the application, while at the same time, it will generate additional revenue for Railways.


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