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Sidra Jafri talks to us about Karma, Stress and Relationships!

Sidra Jafri talks to us about Karma, Stress and Relationships!

How does it feel to be in india?
 I feel so blessed to be coming to India, there really is no place like home. There’s a buzz of familiarity and love in the air. The people are so welcoming that it warms my heart.
 Is karma real? Have you experienced it in your personal life?
 Karma is very real. Its a universal law ‘What ever goes around comes around’ It’s as simple as cause and effect our actions have consequences and karma is an invisible power that balances the universe… everyone getting what they deserved, as it were. Its important to know that karma is neither good or bad. I have personally experienced karma many times in my life. In fact, I believe where I am in life is only because of good karma of not only from me, but from my mother who did a lot of charitable work and said ‘may my children reap the benefit of this’.
 Quick ways to relieve stress
 I love this question. I feel stress is the most ‘mislabeled’ emotion. Most people allocate everything to ‘stress’ when you go deeper, you will see there is anger, sadness, hurt, disappointment. It is important to find out what is truly happening.
3 simple steps to relief stress is:
 Identify, Accept and release.
 Identify: where its coming from
 Accept: what is it saying?
 Release: say ” Thank you for giving me this message, I lovingly release this”
What if you are unsure of what you want out of life?
 It’s actually a beautiful space to be in. I often say at live events to those who ask this question I say – make it up… we can be, do and have anything, all you have to do is take that step… make a list of what your parents wanted you to be, then what your teachers wanted you to be and finally what you wanted to be. Compare the lists and see what FEELS true to you. Take off the mask of daughter, wife, sister, doctor, lawyer (whatever your profession is) and sit with yourself and really feel out what it is that makes you feel at ease.
Tell us about “The awakening” workshop.
 The Awakening is a platform where I connect with hundreds of people. I share my journey and the journey of all those I have facilitated throughout the years and I demonstrate the ways in which the principles of Awakening have been used to change my life and the lives of many others. It helps them have better relationships, more money and good health. The workshop is an open floor where delegates can ask me questions and gain clarity on certain areas of their lives.
Click here to know more about the workshop 
Anti-Social Disorder – how do you look at it?
 I believe that everything is energy and unless people become aware or Awakened, it’s easy to fall into the social consciousness. For instance have you ever been with a colleague who was upset, had a headache or was in a bad mood before being in the same room as that person you felt fine and all of a sudden you find yourself feeling down. That’s because you’ve unconsciously stepped into their energy – the same with social disorder people respond or react to the energy of one another without consciously knowing. Without awareness it’s easy to get sucked in whereas with awareness ones perception of a situation changes, you start to act and respond to situations in a neutral manner because you see the bigger picture.
Tell us about Ms.Puja Gupta of Life by design and your association with success Gyan
 I feel Puja Gupta, like myself are a voice for not only women but men too, that we can be, do and have anything we have planned or set out to do. Working in association with India’s largest organizer of seminars Success Gyan I have been given various platforms to bring The Awakening throughout India, where I can share my teachings to changes peoples lives for the better.
How dos it feel to transform people’s lives?
 I love what I do; I would pick this journey, this gift time and time again. I have seen people literally transform their lives, their being’s, their character – I have shared their journeys, their ups and downs to see them come out a stronger, more loving, more successful, happier and in love with life and themselves – and that to me is priceless. I have been honoured to see couples start a family when before this was just a distant dream, I have people start up a business when prior to working with me they were in debt, these moments, these milestones are testament to The Awakening and the principles.
Symptoms of Mid life crisis?
 Questioning ones purpose, why we’re here, feeling depressed and questioning the point of it all – when you start to realize that there must be more to life then your current reality. When you can no longer do the same thing and expect a different result that’s when you come and find Awakening.
What do you tell yourself when you are feeling low?
 Four very powerful and calming words – This Too Shall Pass. Try it, use it like a mantra when your feeling stuck, sad or at your lowest. Just like the good times, bad times don’t last either.
How to love yourself?
 Me personally I treat myself to a movie, a bubble bath or to reading a new book, I give myself permission to switch off my phone, laptop and just pamper myself. I do nice things for ME. Every so often it’s important to take care of yourself and acknowledge that you too are a child of God, so love yourself, treat yourself…
Do you believe in life after death?
 Through my work and what I have seen through my client’s clearings and miracle sessions, I have come to see that there is more to what we think we know. This life or this dimension isn’t all there. I don’t believe in it nor do I disbelieve, I am open to possibilities of there being something more.
Is it important to stay positive in any situation?
 I believe it’s important to have FAITH. When you have faith, positivity will flow naturally because you will be living, breathing faith and your life will reflect that.
Advice to all singles.
 Love yourself first. But love yourself in totality – a naked man cant give you a shirt… someone else can’t love you if you don’t love yourself.
How should one deal with preoccupation and live in the present
 I have given this mantra to many of my clients – I am who I am, I am where I am – this gets them living in the present, nothing else matters but the right here, right now. The mantra will help you in accepting where you are and living each day, doing the best you can.
What motivated you to take up counseling?
 I have always been intrigued and fascinated with the human mind, I took up psychology because I wanted to find what triggered people and how their minds could be “fixed”, so counseling for me was a step in that direction.
Who is your inspiration?
 My inspiration is fueled by many stories, many instances of questioning and suffering. The story that springs to mind at this moment is of the young Yemen child bride who died after consummating her wedding night – I want to spread the Awakening across the globe to raise people’s conscious awareness, just because “things have been this way” doesn’t mean we too have to live or do as our ancestors. Times have changed, Awakening is here, lets raise our game, lets raise our consciousness and see things as they are and not as they were.
Any real life instances/experiences that you would like to share with us?
 I was working with a client, he was retired and lived at home, alone. His daughter was concerned with his health, as he never turned on the heating because his mother was always very cautious about wasting electricity. Because he loved his mother and grew up with that belief it almost cost him his life. We worked on releasing his mother and her beliefs from his energy so he could live the life he saw fit, the life according to his rules and not his mothers. It just goes to show the power of a parent imprint even at 80 this man was still living his life in a fashion that he felt would best please his mother. Once we cleared this he woke up one morning and planned a trip to the Bahamas for his daughter and grandchildren and gave himself permission to have fun, live in comfort and at peace.
 That’s one of the reasons I do what I do, I love helping people find their truth, their centre… Activating the truth of who YOU are!
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