Suchi-leaks: ECR Secrets!

Suchi-leaks have reopened the gates of East Coast Road (ECR) mysterious bungalows!
Suchi-leaks: ECR Secrets!

From smuggling goods of bypassing international ships to anonymous murders and kidnapping, ECR is always known for many mysterious activities more than decades.

It is also well known for Kollywood-wallas that ECR is the heavenly hub for the celebrities from the top level to medium level.

Starting from Neelangarai, the exit of Hardcore Chennai City towards Pondicherry, there are hundreds of lanes connecting towards the beach where thousands of independent bungalows are being built and secured by single or two watchmen system.

Suchi Inner 1

Need not to say that all these bungalows belong to Crorepatis those who are not only from Chennai but also from all around the country. If you go through the revenue records you can find the list of owners from Kashmir Abdulla’s to Malabar Nairs. Of course, Kollywood celebrities are very fond of choosing ECR to live and spend their joyful life.

Big tycoons of Kollywood like Kamal Hasan, Vijay, Ajith, Vikram, female leads Trisha, Nayanthara and many others have own minimum a flat to a big house. There is an open secret that Super Star Rajini Kanth owns few acres of farm house somewhere in the stretch of ECR near Mahabalipuram.

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Suchi-leaks: ECR Secrets!

It’s very hard to find a man’s head inside the bungalows when you travel around the lanes and streets of ECR. Most of the bungalows will look like a paradise but without a breath of a human.

These kind of bungalows are secretly available for party goers belongs to rich and super rich families of Chennai. There are people who do this job as fulltime to organize parties in ECR bungalows and resorts where the Kollywood celebrities are getting hassle free entry because of the glamor attraction. They simply bribe some thousands of rupees to the securities and take over such bungalows for the weekends and precede things. The owner of the place may visit there hardly once in a year or two.

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“In those joints, you will surprise to know that many big female leads of Kollywood will be tied up with many unknown men. Even you can find the people in the leaks of Suchi, you will be wondered that who are these guys apart from the celebrities like Dhanush and Anirudh.

People are there who spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees even for a night for these joints to get the intimacy with such actors and actress” – Bismy, a senior journalist of Kollywood says.

A lot can happen over coffee!

“The way of party and gathering goes in ECR is an another interesting one. These people will find many ways to enjoy the event. Choosing Car Keys is one among the way they use. That is, the people who gather the place will put the rich guys’ car keys inside a big bowl, mix them together and offer the girls to take one key. Whatever the key the girl chose she has to spend that night or session with that guy. No matter who he is. Most of the cine people knew about this and most of them use to participate in this regularly” – another PRO who doesn’t want to reveal his name told us.

You would have seen the popular tagline of Café-Café De that ‘A lot can happen over coffee! Take the same that, a lot can happen at one ECR party!’ he smiles with lots of meaning!

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