Are the videos of Suchi leaked from Dhanush’s Phone?!

The shocking news coming out one by one on Suchi Leaks give the continual jolt to Tamil Industry!
Are the videos of Suchi leaked from Dhanush’s Phone?!

Latest news on Suchi Leaks reveals the secret that how singer Suchitra has got all the third rated clips on celebrities on her mobile phone!

People from Tamil industry are under tremendous shock on the leaks of Suchitra’s videos on Twitter on one side. The other side of the wonder is, how this girl has got all the videos on her mobile phone and why did she reveal all these footages suddenly just because of an overnight incident happened by Dhanush and co in a party.


Actually, over drug consuming and misbehaving with both the guys and girls in the parties is a common one in cine field, which are mostly forgiven by all the party members by the next day.

Suchi Inner 3

Are the videos of Suchi leaked from Dhanush’s Phone?!

Initially, when Suchitra raised the issue of manhandling on her by Dhanush and his teammates was considered in that way only. But, after that, when Suchi took the sexual assault claims against Dhanush, the issue turned into some serious route and the followed leaks by Suchi on Trisha, Amala Paul, Sanchita Shetty, Anuya, Andrea, Hansika Motwani and all pushed everyone into the deeper shock!

Under this scenario, the insiders of Kollywood raised two basic questions.

One: How could a Suchi kind of girl get these kinds of materials on her mobile phone as many of leaks are belongs to the very private activity of such personalities. Logically a third person could not be there to shoot such visuals.


Two: Why did Suchi leak all other people’s videos though her complaint is against mostly on Dhanush? Where are the other celebrities getting involved in her issue?

The answers – what we have got from relevant sources – are really interesting.

Suchi Inner 1

First of all, the leaked videos are not belongs to Suchitra. Those footages are originally stored in Dhanush mobile phone. The enmity between Suchitra and Dhanush was not a one which emerged that particular night itself.

“It was a cold-war sustained between these two for years together the one main reason behind this is, Suchitra is a very close friend to Actor Chimbu. Chimbu is even more close to Suchi than her husband Karthik.” – One of the regular party goers of Kollywood told.

“The rivalry between Chimbu and Dhanush is a familiar one, which everyone knows in the industry. As Suchitra had better regards on Chimbu, whenever she attends a party, she had such habit to find reasons to fight with Dhanush. Even her husband Karthik Kumar tried many times to console her but failed” he added.

Suchi Inner 2

It was a one among the night and one among the party where the heated argument arose between Suchitra and Dhanush team but this time Dhanush and co decided to ‘teach’ her proper lesson in their ‘own way!’ That is how the incident happened.

But an unexpected twist, in that incident, Suchi had captured the mobile Phone of Dhanush.

“After the incident, she might have discussed with Chimbu as he is the real well wisher of her, by that time they would have checked Dhanush’s phone and got to know the secret materials of Dhanush’s property. Then only Suchitra would have come out with such boldness and started leaking those materials with ascertaining notes! We cannot say that Chimbu is backing her in this move but we cannot ignore that option also. But one thing is sure, as the leaked footages all have come from Dhanush’s mobile phone, he kept himself quite and did not raise a single word on this issue.” – the insider told.


We – – are trying to explore the answer to the second question that- why did Suchitra leak other people’s materials?

Stay tuned- we will come with answers shortly!

In between – there is a clear indication buzzed again that the next ‘leak’ of Suchi is being scheduled now and the main person going to perform in the ‘leak’ is going to create another earthquake in the industry.

Guess who…!

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