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Wanna Play Holi with Poonam?!

Wanna Play Holi with Poonam?!

Wanna Play Holi with Poonam?!

Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey is always known for her unexpected gimmicks to divert attention on her even from a big cricket match to regular Bay Watch videos.

This time also no different that she had moved just a step ahead with a twitter teaser saying that “Wanna play Holi with me?? Watch my video tomorrow at 1 pm..” The tweet had come out one day earlier of Holi festival and she kept her followers at hot seat till the promise had been honored.

The video has crossed the 13LK benchmark and has taken social media by viral.

Last time also, Poonam had been in headlines for her burning video promoting Priyanka Chopra’s Baywatch in a red swimsuit.

After the Holi Video became viral, she had ensured again her capability of maintaining her controversies like ‘World Cup 2011 naked dance!’

Poonam Inner

Wanna Play Holi with Poonam?!

Speaking about how the ‘holy’ idea had struck her at first, she had told a leading daily, “I was just sitting with a few friends and this thought came to me, so I put out the message on social media. I still think it’s the best thing to have happened to me because I got instant fame. People say you need a godfather to succeed in the glamor industry. But I don’t have one and at 26, I think I’ve done pretty well. Media is my godfather.”

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