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4 Vital Tips to Keep a Woman’s Attraction!

4 Vital Tips to Keep a Woman’s Attraction!

4 Vital Tips to Keep a Woman’s Attraction!

In most of the guys’ case, if a girl breaks up with him or moves away from him they will always refuse to accept it’s their fault. They never try to find the truth from the girl’s point of view.

Always the truth hurts. But the fact is, its better you accept your mistake and try to learn why she lost attraction for you. By learning this, you could save your relationship or live a more fulfilled life.

Researchers say that when a male is in a relationship, that woman may boss him around so he can’t make all the decisions like he does while he was dating. However, he should just not settle and act like he has her for life, here are some four essential steps to keep the guys their attractiveness in their relationship:

Be Confident in who you are

 The moment you find that you have self-esteem issues or confidence issues, you can’t stand up for yourself, these need to be addressed immediately. Most of the attraction will fib in who you are, you have attractive characters to you, so make sure you work to become the full round package. This is the opposite effect of looks in a woman, just like ideally you would like her to keep her figure, you need to be happy inside and this is what she wants. The problem with guys thinking their life needs a woman to make it worth living is this area isn’t always addressed and can be skipped. Many of my clients I meet have come out of relationships that didn’t work, and they have self-esteem issues if you aren’t confident in who you are how do you know what you want.

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Don’t get jealous

When a guy see’s a woman around other guys, flirting with them or more attractive guys hitting on her. He straight away freaks out, gets jealous and makes it known. This would show her that you are afraid of losing her, that you are intimidated by these other guys. Understand that a relationship is built on trust and you must value this. Whenever I’ve spoken to a hot girl who had a boyfriend, I know he is likely to be cool about it, because to keep a hot girl he would know how to react and that is to be cool and not get jealous. This is a problem particularly in the beginning, I think to my Mum and Dad’s relationship, there is no jealousy no matter what happens, because of that trust. Early in the relationship you have to act like you are the Alpha Male, a girl chatting to other guys won’t affect you and if she was doing it to make you jealous, you could flirt with other women and she will learn her lesson.

The mistakes most guys always make is never making their girlfriend aware that other girls like him. Of course, she may get jealous, but what is generated is a great attraction and she knows she has herself a guy who is attractive to other women, so she will work hard to keep her man.

Still Lead and Say No

In a relationship you may feel that a woman is making most of the decisions and plans, guy’s say: “she’s the boss”. Still, lead and make your own decisions and add variety to the relationship, if a woman says: “let’s go for some food now,” and you want to go in an hour, then say that. Most guys don’t have Game and have been with few women, maybe it’s their first relationship, and they don’t understand and are too scared to disagree with her. I’m not saying you should lead all the time, but stand up and take the responsibility when you feel like it and remain a challenge.

If you keep saying yes to everything she says then you will come across as weak and a push over. You don’t want her making decisions throughout the relationship. This can even lead to her negotiating everything, even to what happens in the bedroom. Remain a challenge for her. This is normally done in a playful way by a girl, and most guys are push overs all the time and give in, which makes it boring, nice guys are boring as they agree to everything a girl says believing this will keep them happy, however, this is how attraction is lost.

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Live your life and remain interesting

Have your own goals, focus on your career, you should hang around with your mates and not cancel plans just for your girlfriend. Guys who cancel off all their mates and just focus on the girl, hanging around with her mates, have it all wrong. I have seen this happen so many times and the guy breaks up with her a year or two later and tries to build friendships with his mates again. You should want masculine company so you can express yourself more freely, have a few beers with your mates, this doesn’t have to be every week but at least every month. Hang around with people from your work or if you’re in a social group, have more circles and look to be a leader of a group or of a couple of people. Live an interesting life that keeps her intrigued, live the life you were meant to live and express yourself freely, your relationship will only give you the freedom to a certain extent.


Love is a wonderful thing, however you need to assess what you want out of the relationship for you, it shouldn’t be a traumatic experience. This is a serious issue as I know a lot of guys who just settle in a relationship, just because they don’t want to be alone and don’t really love the other person, once you get comfortable it’s easy to settle. Just don’t give up on living your life.


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