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5 Most Attractive Unexplored Locations In India To Visit Soon

5 Most Attractive Unexplored Locations In India To Visit Soon


Undervalued places with its alluring ambiance wait for you!

Least visited places to explore in the Southern part of India!

Who else would not love to travel?  Traveling would help explore yourself, right?  Since lockdown has prevailed, you could go out when the thing is okay and safe. But then better days are waiting for us to dive into and travel all over. Coming back to traveling, people would often like to explore new places. As India is filled with surprises, it has been incorporated with several flabbergasting places. Well, there are several least visited places in India which would be less crowded yet they are amazing with captivating sceneries. So, let’s check out the least visited and offbeat places in India. So, ready to pack your bags to explore the least visited South Indian places.

TAMIL NADU’S MEGHAMALAI: Megamalai is situated at 4500 ft above the sea level and it is one of the least visited paradises in India. It is located in lush green western ghats in the state of Tamil Nadu and it would land you in a tranquil place away from the city. It has been the prime exporter of cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper as well as exhibits man-made plantation grids. Sipping tea on the hillside and admiring natural beauty would make your days beautiful over here.

KARNATAKA’S MARAVANTHE: Located at Udupi in Karnataka, Maravanthae is the home for a variety of water bodies stretching for miles. Here is where a narrow road parallelly encircled by the beach on one side and river and islands on the other and so it would definitely fascinate you with its gleaming beauty. The serenity which you have been hankering for all this while would be found here at Southern India. Though it has been a least visited place, Maravanthe would leave spell-bound with its scenic beauty.

TAMILNADU’S KUMBAKONAM: Kumbakonam gives the holiness and the holy visualization in your mind as it is an artistic marvel purely dedicated to the ancient gods. It is located in Tanjore district and is less visited by the people. The place is home for diverse wildlife and migratory birds and has been incorporated with temples of innovative carvings. Thus, Kumbakonam provides you a glimpse of religious and artistic heritage as well.

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KARNATAKA’S BELLARY: Being one of the most undervalued tourist places in India, Bellary is actually home to the Vijayanagar empire. It also portrays archaic monoliths, forts and historical ruins in and around the city.  Well, you might have heard about Hampi as one of the tourist places and it is one of the main attractions in Bellary. Hampi was the former capital of the Vijayanagar kingdom as well as a UNESCO heritage site. The perfect time to visit this place is between October and February.

TAMILNADU’S DHANUSHKODI: You could never experience the well-embellished nature nowhere other than Dhanushkodi itself. Being known as the lost city, Dhanushkodi is now accessible and people have been refreshing their souls by visiting nature’s beauty. Formed by the typhoon that hit the coast of Tamil Nadu during the early 19th century, Danushkodi allures people with its white-sand beaches garnished with the ruins of monoliths. This place is still a dreamland that you could not even believe you are actually standing there feeling its breeze but it is the worthy place to be visited for all thrill-seekers and nature lovers.

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