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Sadak 2 will deal with issue of depression say Pooja Bhatt

Sadak 2 will deal with issue of depression say Pooja Bhatt

Actress and filmmaker Pooja Bhatt with Suchitra Pillai and Salia Kariat were present at the World Mental Health Day event to explore an award-winning film ‘The Valley’. During media interaction the actress said that her upcoming film Sadak 2 will deal with issue of depression.

Pooja Bhatt was very outspoken about Indian’s misconception about mental health and depression at the event, talking about it, Pooja said, “We have misconceptions in India that depression is restricted to elite, rich or famous people but it is not like that. It can happen to anyone. If you haven’t felt loneliness in their life then you are not living. It’s not possible for anyone that they never felt lonely at some point in their life.”

“We are making ‘Sadak 2’ in which we are showing Sanjay Dutt in his true and present time (Sanjay Dutt is Drug Abuse Survivor) so we are dealing with issue of depression in that film but we are making a commercial film. We have to make our point but we chose film as our medium because when you choose a mainstream format then your message goes deeper and wider”

Pooja Bhatt also shared her personal family experiences dealing with depression, she said, “My father supposedly left home when I was a little girl. According to world, I come from a broken home but my father never left our home. It was just matter of geography so you can be in same household with supposed functional family but that family can be dysfunctional family and vice versa.”

“It about being there for each other. We are what we hide. These days we don’t have real conversation in our family. My younger sister Shaheen, suffered from depression, she realized that when she was 13 years old. We confuse sadness for depression, melancholy for depression but her’s was a crippling depression. When we (Pooja and Shaheen) spoke about it, Alia was mortified and she was like what’s going on and how both my sisters are contemplating suicide, what kind of house I am living in. So I feel stigma of depression, mental health and alcoholism has to go”

Few years ago Actress Deepika Padukone revealed that she was suffering from depression so when asked Pooja, is this a wise step and time on the part of celebrities to express themselves in the open about their personal battles, Pooja said, “I come from a lineage where we didn’t waited for time to speak our mind. When you are born to Mahesh Bhatt, you speak your mind so I never faced this problem, having said that, it’s wonderful to have women like Deepika and my sister Shaheen who expressed themselves while battling the depression”

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“I do feel that we need to hear from people in public eye and who are mainstream in Bollywood to speak more about concern that really affect us. Most of the time, actors present their best face to the audience but I feel audience loves you more when you show your human side to them. When Emraan (Hashmi) spoke about his son’s cancer, he kind of really placed further in his fan’s heart than just being merely entertaining them”

“Deepika seems more human, more identifiable because she represents a lot of young women who probably deals with such kind of issues in their daily lives I would like to hear from the people who are ruling the roost and to be little open about their frailties because eventually our frailties are our strengths”

Mahesh Bhatt directed Sadak (1991), Sanjay Dutt played a young man in love with a sex worker (played by Pooja Bhatt) and fights against all odds to be with her.

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