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Eat your sins away with chocolate at Koldplay. Whether you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate, we have got you covered. Our newest flavour the Peanut Butter Nutella, which...

Eat your sins away with chocolate at Koldplay. Whether you prefer white, milk or dark chocolate, we have got you covered.

Our newest flavour the Peanut Butter Nutella, which needs no description, is creamy in texture and rich in flavour thus making it the perfect dessert. This beautiful ice cream can be had by itself, mixed in a sundae or simply turned into a thick shake with a dollop of Nutella and White Chocolate. The Chocolate Mandarin, this flavour brings back the classic combination of dark chocolate and orange. Zesty candied mandarine peels interspersed in the ice cream make this an amazing experience for all lovers of things chocolaty and citric.

Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle Ice Cream _ Koldplay

Our best selling flavours include the beloved Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle, the creamiest Chocolate Silk ice cream and the classic White Chocolate icecream. Incase your looking for more flavours and textures, we have Oreo and Crème which is just like eating oreos dipped in milk, the White Choco Brownie and the Dark Choco Brownie will definitely leave you drooling.

Koldplay_Chocolate Silk _low res

We are known for our indulgent KoldMix ice cream sundaes. You can create Magic! with a scoop of White Choco Brownie and Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle topped with a big dollop of Nutella and served with a chocolate pie or go with our best seller, OH! FERRERO which is simply made of two generous scoops of Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle mixed with lots of crushed Ferrero Rocher’s and topped with a dollop of Nutella. Alternatively, ask for the OMG YES! Which true to its name is one of our most indulgent experiences; the scoop of Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle, Peanut Butter Nutella and extra Nutella and Caramel sauce should make you drool.

Koldplay_Dark Choco Brownie_ low res

Apart from these, we have White Privilege Sundae (scoops of white chocolate brownie topped white choco chips + home grown cashews) That’s Nuts (scoops of Hazelnut Madagascar Brittle, Chocolate Silk topped with cashews and almond), Brownie Downie Junior (scoops of white choco brownie, dark choco brownie and crushed oreos) and Cookie Monster(scoops of Oreo & Cream topped with crushed oreos) If you want to get creative, then just make your own sundae. All our ice creams and sundaes can be drunk in the form of a thick shake.

Koldplay_Magic! sundae_low res

Come visit us and indulge in one of the best ice cream experiences.

Our premium ice creams are priced at Rs.60 and exclusive icecreams are priced at Rs. 80 while our premium sundaes and thick shakes are priced at Rs. 130 and exclusive sundaes and thickshakes are priced at Rs. 160.

Address: King’s Circle-Circle House, 471, Radha Bhavan, Bhaudaji Rd, Kings Circle, Brahmanwada, Sion, Mumbai, Maharashtra-400 019.


Contact- 022 64121314


Time: 12:00pm till 12:00am


Address: Lower Parel- Gate No. 4, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 013.


Contact- 022 64640014


Time: 12:00pm till 12:00am


For further information and queries, please contact:

Zainab Putatunda || 9819679467 || zainab@koldplay.in

Nupur Bapat || 7738430185 || nupur@koldplay.in

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