90’s is here!

Fashion trends that are making a comeback

The top trends that made a debut in 90s are back with a bang. The period that is well-known for high-top sneakers, velvet chokers, pop of neon, tailored men’s suit etc, are the blooming period of newest fashions. Take a nostalgic walk down that lane, which has once again made way for these trends this season.


Chokers forever

Chokers forever

This close fitting necklace is worn around the neck. It comes out in a variety of materials such as plastic, velvet, leather and metal. This is a must-have accessory this season. The most common type of chokers are vintage, open collar, gothic, pendant, gemstone etc. However, the heroines in the film award ceremonies in the late 90s, are considered dull without the chokers.


Combat boots


The combat boots are the one that goes well with anything. Be it a short jean skirt or a narrow jean, they will always make up your attire to a perfect level.


Multi-purpose jackets

Multi-Purpose Jackets

The leather jackets will always pop up one’s mind when worn. It has a slimming effect on one’s body. Be it formal or casuals, leather jackets blend with anything. Just zip up the coat when worn with jeans and leave it loose when pairing with casuals to have a greater look.


Go floral


If one says the floral designer dresses are only suitable for the 90s, it is absolutely not. The Goths designed with floral prints still doesn’t fail to stun everyone. If one is confused on what to wear for a retro themed party, undoubtedly suggest them to go floral.


Jelly sandals


The comeback of 90s fashion is very obvious through college-goers opting more for jelly sandals. Many people and especially the college girls are fond of jelly sandals nowadays. More than fashion, it is said it gives more comfortable and makes the legs attractive.


Crop top


The top fashion trend that has made a comeback is crop tops that are owned by almost all girls this season. Crop tops are one of the best legacies that are handed down to us from the 90s.

Buns are back


The popular hair-do, the little bun is back now in a more stylish way. According to your attire, pull up the entire hair to make it a bun or leave some hairs at the back and make some little buns in the front.

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