A Few Foundation Facts!

We all love wearing makeup “But” we wish that we do it like a pro!
A Few Foundation Facts!

Have you ever thought of this? Well, every woman desire to look beautiful. Some prefer their natural look. It gives an even skin tone as well as oomphs up our confidence. There is always a ‘But’, thought of wearing makeup every time and also many brands to confuse us with so many steps which give a feeling of complex lab experiment at school.

So, we decided to do researching about all kinds of makeup products, finding tips and tricks. First and foremost step is the about the foundation. It’s like face painting, definitely inspired by minimalism. We learnt a few interesting things about the foundation. Take a look below:

  • When you are at a beauty store to buy a foundation, always choose a foundation that matches your jaw line. Hands are usually much darker than the face. The shade that disappears wins.
  • Lifespan of a Liquid foundation is about 8-10 months. So remember to buy them in small quantities. Apply the foundation to the neck and always blend well at the edges. Ending it at the jaw line gives an uneven look as a whole. Thin out the consistency of foundation with water or moisturiser.
  • To make the lipstick stay longer an oil-free foundation is used on lips.
  • Anything that is too much foundation or concealer on the face makes it look like a ‘Cake Face’.

Foundation Inner

  • As a universal rule, the foundation is applied after primer followed by a concealer to create a lasting look and full even coverage. However, many makeup artists use concealer before foundation to cover spots and use less foundation.
  • In the 1800s, the White skin represented class and privilege. Ancient Greeks and Romans to whiten their skin tone wore versions of foundation containing high levels of strong chemicals.
  • Modern Foundation was invented to make close-ups look realistic in the theatres.
  • With the technological advancement of today, there are multifunctional foundations available. High-definition foundations claim to cover all imperfections and make skin camera-ready. Others suggest that they also act as skin-care, acne-reducing and whitening and so on.

Yes, so much just about the foundation. Did you know all this? No cake-face, no dryness and an even skin tone. If you have any more tips, do share it with us.

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