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Aamir joins hands with Rajamouli!

Aamir joins hands with Rajamouli!

Aamir joins hands with Rajamouli!

Aamir joins hands with Rajamouli!

Sources confirm that the biggest Bollywood actor Aamir Khan joins with Rajamoul’s next project, which is basically inspired from Mahabharata.

The extraordinary hit of Bahubali: The conclusion has escalated the director Rajamouli to the global trade and many big actors of Bollywood have their new dream to work with him now.

As the wave of Bahubali’s success still exists across all box office avenues, the highly focused actor Aamir Khan has met Rajamouli for his next project, the sources say.

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It seems that both the actor and the director have some idea to adopt some story elements from Mahabharata in their own way. When Aamir came to know about the similar thoughts, he immediately wanted to meet Rajamouli to understand his way of approach on the epic.

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After a detailed meeting, the director and the actor have arrived a basic idea of the project and they have decided to take this forward together.

Sources also say that the actor has asked his team to conduct a research on the line they take it from Mahabharata in all aspects particularly on his role and the expected impacts from the audience since the subject is a sensitive one in Indian landscape.

It seems the production will be taken care by Aamir’s company along with another bigwig to roll out Rajamoulis next big venture!

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