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I was accused of doing lot of roles in my films that were regressive says Sonakshi Sinha

I was accused of doing lot of roles in my films that were regressive says Sonakshi Sinha

Actress Sonakshi Sinha attended a short film festival based on Women’s safety & empowerment along with Sarah Jane Dias and Alankrita Srivastava on Friday in Mumbai. While addressing the event, Sonakshi stated that she was accused of doing lot of roles in her films that were regressive.

Addressing the event, Sonakshi said, “I want to be live in a world where we as women are able to choose. We have been playing waiting game for the longest time. Women are always waiting to be protected, rescued, for permission, validation, acceptance and approval. We live in a country where we worship goddess Laxmi, Saraswati, Kali and Durga but we eliminate girl child before she sees the world. I don’t want to live in a world like that and honestly, an initiative to end up gender based violence is a commendable effort”

Talking about how critics reacted to her earlier films Sonakshi said “I have been part of Hindi film industry, being an actor gives me a voice and perspective, gives me ways and means to make difference. Being here today I am really happy that so many people have taken the effort to making these short films and showcasing there films over here. Through this medium we can reach out to so many people across the world and create some sort of awareness”

“I was accused of doing lot of roles in my films that were regressive. The fingers are always pointed at me, nobody pulled up the writer who wrote the script, nobody pulled the director who made the film. It was always me and I used to be defensive about it thinking why this is happening to me because I am just an actor but then I realized may be in some way they are right and maybe I shouldn’t be doing what I am doing. May be I should be doing something that doesn’t portray me as damsel in distress , which is why I started doing films like ‘Akira’ where I played a martial artist who was able to take care of herself. I did film called ‘Force 2’ where I was RAW agent. I did a film called ‘Noor’ where I played a working woman and honestly all these roles empowered me in some or the other way”

“I was able to encourage self defense when I did ‘Akira’ because, I trained for it. I feel self defense should be encouraged in our syllabus today not only here but probably all around the world where girls are eager to make themselves so strong. I feel we don’t need to wait for anyone otherwise we would be waiting all our life. I believe as women, we need to make our self strong enough then we can protect, rescue and take care of our self”

Sonakshi Sinha last seen in Dharma productions “Ittefaq’ along with Sidharth Malhotra and Akshaye Khanna.

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