Amazing 9 Facts About India You Should Know !

India has another side that speaks of its greatness and rich potential.
Top 9 interesting facts about India.

Amazing 9 Facts About India You Should Know, Our country is rich in culture and tradition misconceived as a place of poverty, dirty and uncivilised people, broken buildings and underdeveloped cities and towns by the world, India has another side that speaks of its greatness and rich potential. That’s why it had been a land of focus for several invaders and a sub-territory for the British to rule. Let’s look at the top 9 interesting facts about India.


9. May exceed China’s population by 2022

Population wise, India and China stay more or less equally balanced. It is predicted that India may take over China by 2022 in terms of population. There were several predictions on world affairs before of which some turned out to be true and some a mere prediction. When it happens, the world goes back to trace who and why it was predicted. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen to be true.


8. More multilingual

How many languages we can assume that is spoken across India… 21, 27, 30 or more? The Ethnology lists 415 languages spoken by a spread of thousands of people in India. True, it goes beyond imaginations. Modern Indians scattered all around colleges and universities take an effort to learn a language or two more than just their native tongue. Although Hindi and English are widely spoken, the fact is that most of the people belong to various states seem least bothered to catch up with these two languages and stick to their own native language.


7. Mega cities and population

Why people swarm up to take positions and live up in cities? New Delhi, the capital city of India has 23.3 million people as residents. Mumbai, the commercial hub has 23 million and Kolkata 16 million. This is just a few. Just imagine the number of mega cities in India such as Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad and other cities. The cities are so congested that the population is more than that of a country’s total population. It’s no wonder that God occasionally sends in some natural disasters such as Tsunami, Earthquake, and Hurricane etc.


6. Voters in millions

The actual number of voters in India is literally unknown. The census is taken at every scheduled term but still, it is hard to count and come up with the exact number of voters. The Larger part of people who are registered as voters, have the utmost faith in their campaigning leaders and gather up to vote in vain. Still, the fact is that, despite being in poverty and harsh situations they face due to ill governing authorities, people believe in life and have rays of hope, unite together and stand up in queues to vote and look forward to being governed and taken care of to live a better life.


5. Road accidents and deaths

Just imagine the roads that are spaced out and properly built on an infrastructure of brilliance and worldly design. Very true that driving becomes easy and comfortable. Many countries stick to stringent rules when it comes to roads and traffic regulations. Turn to imagine that the roads are curvy, narrow, dusty and bumpy with cattle and other animals moving around ceaselessly. That’s the status in India. One can see disorderly road and traffic conditions, children playing on streets, road discipline and majestic driving ignored to the core. That brings the possibilities of road accidents and deaths in India, more than any country in the world.


4. Largest producer and consumer of mangoes in the world

India is the biggest consumer and producer of mangoes with millions and millions of mango trees and farms scattered across the country. The mango production in India has been reported to be around 15 million tonnes which is more than China, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh and Nigeria. And the demand and supply within the country and abroad is high and flourishing.


3. First rocket was transported on a bicycle

Can you imagine that India’s first rocket was brought and transported on a bicycle? It’s absolutely true. Anything could have gone wrong during this bicycle transportation which could have caused the death of hundreds of innocents. But the rocket was transported and launched safely! Then the rocket launching achievements continued. Bravo India!


2. Species of Shark in the Holy River Ganges

River Ganges is known for centuries to have some sort of spiritual meaning and Godly purpose of its existence to native Indians and by bathing in it, would simply mean the removal and cleansing of one’s body and soul of all evil spirits and sins. How many of you are aware that there is a species of shark which is an habitant of this holy river? To add to this, dangers come in the form of water snakes, deadly insects and other poisonous things that you never know where it could approach from anywhere. However, people dare to go and take bath in the early hours of no fears for such hazards in the river. You can see thousands of people take a dip or at least immerse their feet, collect some water by hands and sprinkle on their heads. And that’s India, and it’s spiritual stance.


1. India exports software to 90 countries.

It is a fact that India exports software to over 90 countries. India indeed is a leader in the software industry with Tech Savvies and Android Enthusiasts holding the trends of advanced technology in fingertips. Large companies across the world outsource their software development to India. If you talk about expertise, it surely fulfils their needs and it’s cost effective. No wonder, India excels as a major player.

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