Nayanthara Unveils The First Product of 9SKIN; Eternelle, Anti-aging Serum

As introduced previously, Nayanthara’s brand-new skincare line, 9SKIN, announced the revelation of first product on Monday. Following it, Nayanthara unveils the first product of her skincare brand, ETERNELLE on Tuesday. The actress reveals the maiden product of 9SKIN, Eternelle via her official Instagram account.

The revelation video features the Lady Superstar presentin g the first product of the skincare brand, Eternelle. In an aesthetic and natural background settings, Jawan actress introduces the first of the five products of 9SKIN. Eternelle is an anti-ageing serum which fixes the fine lines and wrinkles. It does revive your skin’s radiant glow. It works for all skin types and even combats dark spots. Presenting the product, she captions, “Introducing Eternelle, the Anti-aging Serum. Reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots as time stands still with Eternelle. Get your hands on this luxurious formula featuring the wonders of Vetiver, Ginko Biloba and Gotu Kola.”

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On the other hand, Vignesh Shivan, Co-Founder of 9KIN, shares an Instagram story with a caption, “This is very very special to all of us.” Furthermore, 9SKIN is all about Self Love which enhances uniqueness. The brand has also revealed that it is for all skin types and all genders. However, the story of Nayanthara’s 9SKIN will begin from 29th September 2023.

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