Winter Skin Care made easy with Tata Play Skincare experts

With the pleasant winters comes unpleasant skin issues. Our bodies demand extra care, love, and moisture to beat the dryness and dull skin. We have all started to feel the need for extra moisturizers and balms to keep our skin hydrated, wondering what else we can do to make the efforts last while we enjoy our warm drinks and fussy blankets. Here are a few DIY tips and tricks from Tata Play’s beauty expert Dr. Sandaya. Let’s be winter-ready in style.

The best remedy for anything starts with adopting a good change in lifestyle, maintaining a proper sleep cycle, ensuring a good intake of water and healthy fluids and an overall balanced diet. Dr. Sandaya, Tata Play’s skin and beauty expert ardently advocates the above but also has her magic touch via homemade packs that helps the oily and dry skin types equally.

For oily skin type, she recommends using a hazel toner skincare routine, and ensuring one cleans their face thoroughly before sleeping. For a quick DIY face pack she promotes the tomato pack.

How To: Take one tomato and crush it to a pulp. Apply it all over the face in an upward motion using cotton pads. Leave this on for 3 minutes and wash it off with water. Tomato juice acts as a natural toner to help protect your skin against the harsh winter.

For dry skin type, Dr Sandaya recommends using organic or less chemical-based cleansers. Using ingredients that hydrate the skin, oils and gel-based moisturisers work best for dry skin types. Food that is high in alkaline nutrients is also recommended for dry skin.

Dr Sandaya’s Homemade recommended pack for dry skin includes crushed blueberries mixed with a spoonful of yoghurt applied all over the face in an upward pattern. Leave the mixture for 30 minutes and wash off with water. Blueberries have the highest amount of Vitamin E and, when applied topically, add moisture to the skin, which is much needed during the winter.

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