“Nothing compares to making people laugh at your jokes,” says Faye D’Souza on her stint as a stand-up on One Mic Stand Season 2

With just two days for its release on Prime Video, the Amazon Original Series, One Mic Stand Season 2, is hitting all the right chords with the audiences. As fans are eager to watch their favourite celebrities trying their hands at stand-up comedy, the celeb guests to are excited to see how their ardent fans and viewers react to the rib-tickling jokes coming their way. The second season of One Mic Stand comprises five phenomenal guests from different walks of life who are mentored by talented comedians. These jodis are Karan Johar – Sumukhi Suresh, Sunny Leone – Neeti Palta, Raftaar – Samay Raina, Chetan Bhagat – Abish Mathew and Faye D’Souza – Atul Khatri.

Sharing her experience of presenting a comedy act on stage, journalist Faye D’Souza said, “On popular demand, I’m back on screens but this time in a different format. This is also my first time connecting with people outside of a newsroom and a reporting environment. I have always loved to try something new but, it was difficult to shun the serious face and don the funny hat. But once I overcame that, nothing compared to the joy of getting people to laugh at your jokes. I was extremely nervous before I stepped on the stage. Getting the right beat in your performance and delivering that in a manner that would resonate with the audience is intimidating but also a fun challenge.”

Talking about her mentor Atul Khatri, Faye said, “Atul is brilliant at what he does. He really taught me the tricks and intricacies of standing up in the short time we had to prepare. He was able to help me fine-tune the minute technicalities that went into making a set perfect, his intellect and humour are unparalleled and helped me shape my set.”

Watch Faye D’Souza’s stand-up act on One Mic Stand Season 2 starting October 22, 2021, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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