Travel back in time to the days of freedom in the pre covid era through Lomotifs’ #MYFREEDOMREMIX

“Oh, to live even for a day in the full light of freedom, to breathe the free air of simplicity! Isn’t that the highest purity?!” said Swami Vivekananda and it’s never been more relevant than it is today. As the nation gets ready to celebrate its 75th year of Independence, Lomotif announces its latest campaign #MYFREEDOMREMIX. The campaign aims to have creators from all over the country reminisce about the pre covid days when we breathed free when friends and family hung out together and celebrated every moment of their lives bereft of worries and gloom.

What one wouldn’t give to live a day of creativity, dancing and singing together, enjoying each other’s company! Lomotifs’ #MYFREEDOMREMIX campaign is a nationwide initiative that ends on 18th August and will present creators across the country with a chance to recreate their interpretation of what freedom means to them by showcasing the most fun moments in a remix. All one has to do is to subscribe to the official #MYFREEDOMREMIX channel and post their videos using the hashtag #MYFREEDOMREMIX on the campaign channel in the app and tag @lomotif_india.

The creators can also bring their tribes to this party to capture the beautiful moments. Creators participating in this initiative can use this opportunity to showcase their pre-covid days of carefree living and re-create memories of all that they have been missing out on, be it Disco Dance Lomotif (by clubbing music and dance) or a Remix Lomotif on a Karaoke with friends. The user can pick up a song from Lomotif’s playlist to portray what freedom means to them. The playlist includes a mix of popular hits from the likes of Classic Rock icons such as QUEEN to the contemporary rapper Raja Kumari, featuring songs that resonate with the idea of being free and independent.

Speaking about the campaign, Paul Yang, Co-Founder & CEO, Lomotif said, “Through #MYFREEDOMREMIX campaign, we want to encourage our users to express themselves in unique and creative ways and at the same time they can relive their memories from pre covid times. The campaign aims to let the audience experience the freedom of dance, music and creativity with Lomotif. We are all slowly trying to shake off the gloom that was upon the world and moving towards a new normal. This initiative is our way of getting everyone to groove and enjoy every moment of health and happiness. It’s time for all the Lomotif users to interpret their story of freedom with a creative zing.”

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to showcase your freedom through music, dance and creativity especially in these unprecedented times. So, come be a part of the #MYFREEDOMREMIX channel and experience what it’s like to be free at the click of a button.