Redline DJs feat. Dreamstates, OX7GEN, Rafiki, Tarqeeb and Zokhuma to headline jagged breakbeat and burgeoning techno at antiSOCIAL this Saturday, 24th September 2022

This Saturday night, make no other plans as the city’s most prolific DJs come together for a crash course rooted in five deeply distinctive styles of curation, as well as the magic that is their unique collective chemistry at antiSOCIAL this saturday, 9 pm onwards!

Redline DJs is a collective comprising Dreamstates, OX7GEN, Rafiki, Tarqeeb and Zokhuma and are born from the hazy recesses of the after (after) party. Groove to the rawest form of electronic with OX7GEN, Rafiki, Tarqeeb as they represent a formidable tag team of sounds ranging from jagged breakbeat, burgeoning techno, hardcore jungle and everything in between.

If you ain’t redlining, you ain’t headlining! Come and enjoy with your gang as Redline brings to you some of the most experimental music.

Dreamstates Patently undaunted by the limitations of genre, Mumbai-based dreamstates’ approach to music selection is but a natural furtherance of his wide listening habits, habits that have been in a state of positive flux for nearly two decades. That he would make for one of the Indian underground’s in-demand DJs this early into his professional career would have been a cautious punt even for an 18-year-old Dharam Saraviya circa 2007 as he cut his teeth playing rhythm guitar in thrash and punk bands.\A deep curiosity and a ravenous thirst for musical knowledge guides his hands on the ones-and-twos, and whether it’s emotional breaks, electro, or garage oozing out the speakers, the signature sound invariably breaks through the mix. As a resident DJ on Boxout.FM, India’s only online community radio station devoted to alternative music, D hosts a monthly show titled ‘Cosmic Claps’.

Rafiki is the alter ego of Sohail Arora, founder of KRUNK, which represents some of the most cutting- edge bands & electronic DJ’s / producers outta India. Rafiki pushes the best in cutting edge Acid, Breaks, Electro and blurring the lines between House and Techno infused with heavy bass lines. He has cultivated a deserving reputation as someone with an eclectic taste in music from across the globe, no matter whether he is playing it or making it.

An instinctive approach to multiple mediums defines digital artist and music producer Tarqeeb’s philosophy. Dedicated to building and showcasing an internationally relevant Indian sound minus the cliches he’s using every avenue available to him to point larger audiences in a direction he hopes will be part of our future. These include tightly-tailored DJ sets —think everything from deep meditative dubstep/jungle to indian electronica—hosting a monthly radio show Juggernaut for and his role in DASTA, a six-person artist collective that is bent on inspiring DIY approaches to growth and empowerment through the arts. His rising acclaim has only been further solidified by large-scale appreciation for his unusual, sometimes-surreal digital art. Despite humble beginnings within the medium two years ago, he has since gone on to conceptualise and create poster, album and logo art for local artists like Oceantied, Nanok, Paraphoniks, Profound, Dasta, Dualist Inquiry and Sandunes, as well as international labels like System Music (UK) & Studio Rockers(UK). In many ways, Tarqeeb remains an individual’s experiment to link art, music and learning together to form its own microcosm.

At the bleeding edge of his own futureZokhuma(Arman Menzies) represents the end of old things,the beginning of new ones, and a forged alliance with those making alternative electronic musicin previously unchartedterritories.This 29-year-old maverick has a mask for every occasion. Well known in the cult progressivemetal circles in India for his earlier work for Goddess Gagged before moving on to study musicproduction in the UK; he’s already performed in places like Croatia, Netherlands, UK and SriLanka while cherry-picking his way through local gigs & festivals as well.Unafraid to crisscross between soundscapes you’ve never heard—think frantic, chopped-upAfrican beats or moodier experimental electronica anddisco; his sensibilities have a way of puttingany audience at ease. Asdoes his infectious energy behind the console

Event: Redline DJs feat. Dreamstates, OX7GEN, Rafiki, Tarqeeb and Zokhuma
Venue: AntiSOCIAL
Date: 24th September 2022
Time: 9 pm onwards
Entry: Rs. 800
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