World Father’s Day 2022

This year, father’s day (2022) falls on 19th June (Sunday). Fathers play a vital role in everyone’s life. Often their contributions, sacrifices and efforts are not well acknowledged. They are always there with impelling words like ‘it’s okay’ and ‘it’s possible’. Thus, it is a must to celebrate these underrated heroes of our lives by dedicating at least a day in our lives. Most nations celebrate fathers day on the 3rd Sunday of June. This was started in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd to honor her dad. Her dad William Jackson Smart was an American Civil War veteran. Later it has been recognized as a holiday in several countries.

Generally, on this day, children celebrate their dads by giving them memorable gifts. But there are several ways to thank and gift these heroes. Showing love, respect and care are the most beautiful ways to thank these wonderful human beings. Here, let us look at some reasons why fathers are the best heroes of one’s life.

Always There With A Helping Hand

Fathers are the first go-to persons in anyone’s life. From fixing home stuff to fixing your life, they are there for everything. They might not be professional therapists, but they are always there to hear you out. For some, they might not be close as best friends, but they are always ready with a helping hand. They always take that extra mile to bring a smile to your face. They won’t settle until they provide the best for you.

First Role Models and Cheerleaders

Fathers are the first role model for a child to show a way towards healthy, wealthy and responsible life. Most of us try to follow in their footsteps while making major life decisions. Though they are considered the second caretakers after mothers, they play a primary role in a child’s personal development. The child’s future is always based on the growing environment that they provide. For most of us, they were the first teachers in many instances. From riding a motorcycle or bicycle to managing finances, they would have taught us everything.

Also, they are the number one cheerleaders in driving us towards our goals. They show constant support in all the endeavors we make. Their support might not be verbal always; it can be a tight hug or the slightest action they take. Sometimes it might even be your favourite meal!

‘Like Father Like Son’

Most of us might be a photocopy of our dads in some way or the other. It can be the facial features or behavioral traits. It is always a joy when someone mentions you with that as a compliment. Fathers are not just the figures that share their hobbies and impart wisdom. They are much more. They often see you as their younger self and guide you towards the things that were unattained by them. They always strive hard to provide everything for their mini-versions.

What to Gift?

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Most of our dads wouldn’t have spent much for themselves. They work tirelessly without breaks, just for the betterment of their loved ones. They deserve gifts and pamperings that reciprocate their unconditional love.

This father’s day surprise your dad with personalized gifts or handmade stuff that are of importance to him. If you are looking for the most effective gift, then just try to spend a whole day with him. Take him out for a picnic, shopping, spa, or dinner and make the day memorable. If you haven’t planned or bought anything, then no worries. Just cook his favourite meal and spend the day watching his treasured movies. Memories are always the best gifts one can provide.

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