Easy hacks to get ready for Ugadi celebrations with your family

Ugadi is one of the most awaited festivals in India and it is celebrated across the southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. Ugadi is the traditional new year according to the Hindu lunisolar calendar. As per the Hindu mythology, Lord Brahma created the universe on this day, therefore, Ugadi is believed to be the first day of the universe’s creation. People pray for prosperity, wellness, and wealth during this festival. Families come together to celebrate this special day with their loved ones.

Nayana, a teacher and mother of a 4-year-old says, “I have fond memories of celebrating Ugadi since childhood. It is an auspicious occasion close to my heart and our families celebrate it with a lot of zeal each year. I ensure to make this festival special for my kids too. Therefore, I tidy up my house before the festivities and prepare special dishes for them. We also wear new clothes and worship our diety by offering the authentic bevu bella. The ingredients consist of neem flower, tamarind, green chilli, raw mango, salt and jaggery. For such celebrations, I cannot stress the importance of thoroughly cleaning your floors with a neem-based 100% natural action floor cleaner like Nimyle to remove any dirt providing anti-bacterial protection to your home. Neem has been an inevitable part of our Indian culture, rituals, and festivities that prompted me to try Nimyle which has turned out to be a great experience.’’

Here are some places you should make sure clean often to avoid any foul smell, dust, or stains:

● Floor Cleaning- Being the most visible area of the house, it is imperative to select natural floor cleaners for safe and clean houses. This is especially crucial if you have dogs or children, because some floor cleaners contain chlorine components, which might be left behind after washing the floors; hence, choose your cleaning products carefully. Cleaning the floor in sections is the most effective method. Remember to squeeze out any extra water to avoid leaving water marks on the floor

● Cleaning Children’s Rooms: It is advisable to clean kid’s room with a mild cleaner that is non-allergenic as children are prone to allergies and diseases. Using products that have anti-bacterial and antihistamine properties ensure that children don’t fall sick and remain immune to allergies

● Cleaning the curtains: Wash your curtains as they tend to accumulate dust and gives an unpleasant smell to your rooms. Therefore, make sure to wash them at least once in four months and change them regularly. Always change them before any special occasion to make the room feel fresh

● Cleaning Bathrooms- Bathrooms are known to be the dirtiest places in the house. Using a bathroom cleaners that uses natural essential oil, not just cleans the sinks, but also leaves a last longing fragrance. Start by cleaning your sink and toilet, post which clean the bathroom floor for a hygienic and safe environment

● Cleaning the kitchen: Lemon is one of the simplest objects in the kitchen to clean. Stains can be successfully removed using vinegar and lemon. They effectively remove water stains, rust, grease, and several other types of stains

● Cleaning Corners- It is more likely than not, that we forget to clean corners, where dust as well as spiders spin their webs and make it their home. Cleaning the corners can be a difficult task but if they are not cleaned properly dirt accumulated can cause serious issues like allergies. It may not be possible to clean it every day by whenever you deep clean your make sure to clean the corners as well

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