Salud becomes the first Indian Urban Lifestyle brand to introduce a uniquely designed NFT collection

Salud Beverages, an award winning urban lifestyle brand, is all set to debut 9-11 uniquely designed Ethereum based NFTs. These NFTs have been designed in an extensive collaboration with Salud’s very own in-house artists, Srinivas Naidu followed by founder Ajay Shetty along with world-renowned NFT artist Ishita Banerjee, who uncompromisingly conceptualizes Salud and its universal appeal in the NFT space. The #SaludNFT Cusps present access to select and exclusive activities in favor of the holders. In June 2022, Salud became the first Indian urban lifestyle brand to launch a complete roadmap for their inevitable entry into Web 3.0 with its technical partner Tokenrunway, which is expected to take this platform by storm!

Here’s what’s in store!

– Salud NFT owners will be given one-week early access to all new releases from Salud Sessions. Salud Sessions is the brand supported collection of Deep House and Techno, produced by the best artists and DJs in the industry to help fans find and fall in love with a vibe curated to celebrate life responsibly with Salud. Salud Beverages is in the business of creating experiences that can’t be replicated and Salud NFT collectors will be privy to VIP hospitality at Salud events and parties, invitations to exclusive Salud sponsored events.

– Salud Merchandise, an exclusive line of clothing and accessories, developed in appreciation for clean and contemporary wardrobe basics, which offers the first of its kind and India’s only wide range of exclusive #NFTMerch lines.

– Furthermore, for phase 2, Token Runway will enable the initiation of Salud Sessions simulcast into the Metaverse and the launch of India’s first limited edition Salud Custom merch in the same sphere,

– Whereas phase 3 includes initiating 5% proceeds of merchandise going to specific NFT owners as an airdrop and the launch of NFTs-based Cusps wearables in the Metaverse.

These utilities are the first and only of its kind to create a variety of exclusive deliverables for its holders.

So much more in store! so stay tuned because Salud’s got you covered.

Salud has always been ahead in their vision of creating and exploring new avenues for the brand to be in everyone’s life. The whole concept of entering into the digital world is to embark on creating a worldwide community that is changing the way the world parties. In consultation with TokenRunway, the Web 3.0 roadmap is the brainchild of Ajay Shetty and he believes that it is the new way of engaging with the consumers, to expand horizons and #CelebrateLife2.0.

The connoisseur himself

“NFT, the new age technology has been dominating the world and being part of the emergence has potential opportunities for brands like ours. We have always aimed to stay ahead of the curve and have our audience on Metaverse and Web 3.0 to be the brand’s ambassadors. A premium rewards and benefits program is the heart and soul of ensuring value beyond the impeccably designed digital artwork for Salud NFT collectors. It’s an exciting time for us as we explore the Metaverse and the wearable tech space for possible integrations for the brand and Salud NFT holders in the near future.” – Ajay Shetty, Founder & Director of Salud Beverages.

Ishita Banerjee, an integral part of the Salud NFT collection, under the banner of Soul Curry Art has been a fan favourite amongst NFT enthusiasts and has a personal collection made available with her own smart contract as well.

Ishita Bannerjee (Soul Curry Art) said, “As an artist, it has been a sheer delight to be part of this unique project. For me, it was a creative challenge to design for a project that is first of its kind for India and takes the experience of savouring a drink to a different level. Teaming up with Salud and Token Runway for the NFT drop was a great experience. It’s amazing to see a project coming out of India which has utilities that are comparable to the best in the world.”

Priyank Mahajan (Co-founder – Token Runway), mentioned, “It has been an amazing ride from zero to one in terms of Salud’s Web3 journey. The depth with which both teams worked to enable innovative utilities for the NFT holders is a first of many to come for the market.”

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