5 Fruits That Stimulate Menstruation Naturally

Irregular menstruation is a common health problem amidst women. But the with certain fruits, it can be regularized.

Several natural foods could induce menstruation in women. As not all foods sound great for your taste buds, you could still add fruits to your diet. The tasty fruits would not only satiate your taste buds but also work on your internal system. This is why elderly people are repeatedly insisting on you to include enough fruits in your diet. Vitamin C-rich fruits such as pineapple, papaya, and others would help you experience a healthy menstrual cycle. So, in this article, you would be reading about 5 fruits that stimulate menstruation naturally. Women with irregular menstrual issues could add the following 5 fruits that stimulate menstruation naturally to the diet.


No wonder that pineapple is useful in regulating menstruation. This is a traditional home remedy for treating irregular periods. If you wonder how it works, then here is the explanation. Pineapple incorporates an enzyme called bromelain which when consumed regularly could help loosen the lining of the uterus. This would result in menstruation. Moreover, the fruit is beneficial in improving the production of red and white blood cells that would promote the blood flow in turn.

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Like pineapple, papaya is one of the natural home remedies for irregular periods. Being rich in vitamin C, papaya is a healthy fruit that develops your health overall. The presence of carotene in the fruit could trigger estrogen hormone which would easily help you menstruate as a result.


Unlike pineapple and papaya, you might have heard muskmelon to be a period-inducing fruit. Being the summer-friendly fruit, muskmelon is rich in vitamin C which would be effective in regulating the menstrual cycle. Not to mention, the fruit helps ease the period cramps. So, stock up your fruit basket with muskmelons.


The rich content of vitamin C in the bloody-red fruit is beneficial in stimulating the estrogen hormone. As a result, you would experience menstruation. To regulate your periods, eat raw fruit or gulp down a glass of pomegranate juice. This would help you witness the changes thereby improving the blood flow. As of now, you might get why your mother has been serving you a glass of pomegranate juice when your period is postponed.


The vitamin C-rich fruit helps stimulate the estrogen hormone and make way for the regular menstrual cycle. So, include kiwi along with other fruits to prepone your periods.

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