6 Foods to Avoid During This Harsh Summer

The warmth of the summer could be lovely but not when the rays of the sun are at their extreme. While listing your diet menu with summer-friendly foods, you might still have to know what not to be listed or if it is in the list just make sure to remove it. During the hot and sunny days of the summers, you wish to cool down your body to beat the heat. Perhaps, your menu list might incorporate water-rich foods and refreshing foods. However, you still have to say no to the following foods when the sun is extreme. Here are 6 foods to avoid during this harsh summer:

A Cup of Hot Drinks:

Hot drinks such as a cup of tea and coffee could be avoided during the summer. If you are a coffee or tea lover, then at least make sure not to have it often throughout the day. It would interrupt the functions of the digestive system thereby causing bloating and unpleasant burping.

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Noshing the slices of the Mangoes:

While going moderation is essential, you should never binge eat mangoes just because you are crazy about it. Since mangoes are a great source of natural sugar, they would cause skin infection, strikes up the body heat, and stomach-related issues including diarrhoea and upset stomach.

Choosing Non-veg Foods Frequently:

Non-vegetarian foods including red meat, mutton, chicken and beef could contribute excessive heat to the body which is why they are listed as foods to be avoided during summers. On the other hand, meats are prone to contamination when it is not refrigerated properly. This could lead to food poison during the warm weather. So, it would be better to be neglected.

Flavouring Ice Creams and Cold Drinks:

You might be thinking colourful and flavoursome ice creams could come to your rescue from the heat. But that is not true scientifically. When you have ice creams and cold drinks to beat the heat, you are actually heating the body instead. This would only disrupt the digestive process. Also, if you wolf down an ice cream right after the exposure to sunlight, then you might experience sore throat and fever as well. So, ensure to have ice creams only when your body is normal, and homemade ice creams are healthy choices as per the experts.

Limit the intake of Dried Fruits:

While dried fruits are considered to be healthy choices, they are low in water content and high in sugar content. Apart from this, they are known to spike up the body’s heat. So, it would be better to increase your intake of fresh fruits than the dried fruits during the summer.

Fried and Spicy Foods:

Evidently, fried and spicy foods are often listed under bad foods. But still, you could have it in a moderate amount. Meanwhile, Deeply fried and spicy foods in summers could make the digestive process difficult for your body and causes bloating. They could increase the heat of the body which leads to excessive sweat and dehydration.

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