India’s Unpopular and Untold Vegetables to Know About

Undeniably, vegetables are cent percent healthy for our bodies. The very moment you enter the market, you could see a huge variety of vegetables. People might throng to market to purchase good and fresh vegetables which would be healthy to consume. Though we are aware of several vegetables available in various parts of India, we are unaware of a few vegetables. There are few unknown vegetables grown in India that are known only to very few people or to the localite. People might even question the existence of these vegetables as they are seen rarely. But you should have to acknowledge these amazing vegetables of India and now, let’s learn about a few unpopular and untold vegetables of India.


Otherwise known as French artichoke or green artichoke, Artichoke is found both in wild forms as well as cultivated varieties. It is considered that the edible part of the plant consists of the flower buds before the flowers start to blossom. As it is packed with a number of nutrients, the vegetable is incorporated with many health benefits like lowering the bad cholesterol level and flagging up the good cholesterol level and benefiting the liver.

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Also called as Carissa Macrocarpa, Natal plum is grown in the subtropical regions of India. The thick-skinned fruit is not grown commercially in India but it is fully ripe and said to be handled with care. ( The taste of the plum is sappy along with sour mixed sweet flesh. Nevertheless, the plum is loaded with a greater amount of vitamin C which helps you look young. It enhances the immune system and lung health as well as promotes the teeth gums.


It belongs to Dioscorea alata species. Purple yam is also known as violet yam or water yam. It has grayish-brown skins and purple flesh as well. When the yams are cooked, they turn out to be deliciously soft. They have been inhabited with a sweet and nutty savor and are used in different types of dishes too. Well, it is stacked with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which benefit your health in several ways such as managing the blood sugar and averting colon, lung and prostate cancer as well.


As the name suggests, it would not appear in the form of nuts. But they are the aquatic tuber vegetables that are grown in the marshes, ponds, fields as well as shallow lakes. These rare vegetables are crunchy with white flesh which could be consumed either in the raw form or when cooked. People should not be in confusion with water chestnuts and water caltrops. This white crumbly vegetable is known to be connected with multiple benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease and promotes weight loss too.


Also known as apple gourd or Indian baby pumpkin, Indian squash is an immature fruit and a vegetable famously grown in South Asia. It is referred to as a tedious vegetable in North India because it is used to prepare a lot of dishes, especially during the season. Meanwhile, it is an unknown vegetable in the Southern parts of India. But what makes it healthy is the presence of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that control the effect of blood pressure, heart diseases, and strokes. It also helps in constipation.

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