Indore Marriott Hotel rings in the joy of Christmas season with the annual Cake Mixing Soiree

It is that time of the year when the whole world welcomes the Christmas season with many age-old rituals, and cake mixing is one of the rituals that flags off the festivity. Keeping up with the tradition, the Indore Marriott Hotel organised a fun-filled cake-mixing session on the 6th of November 2022, with Executive Chef, Shiv Parvesh leading and guiding the guests for the evening. The annual cake-mixing ceremony is held to mark the harvest season as well.

The grand lobby of the hotel was decorated in Yuletide spirit, which gave off a vibe of joy and happiness. Chef Shiv organised the exclusive cake-mixing table for the guests, who also joined the ceremony. With the Christmas jingles in the background, all were in sync as they began adding bottles of a wide variety of alcohol to the lavish spread of nuts and fruits, which, as per tradition. The heady blend is later used in preparing the best of Christmas bakes and seasonal delights.

Executive Chef, Shiv Parvesh shared his joy in hosting the annual ceremony: “The traditional cake-mixing soiree spreads joy and is a precursor to the Christmas festivities. It is an age-old custom that was followed in Europe to mark the arrival of the harvest season. The mixture will now be stored in a freezer until a few days before Christmas when we will start adding it along with the dough to prepare the best Christmas bakes and other festive indulgences.”

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