The “Pineapple Express” is arriving soon – Bira 91 partners with Taiwan’s Taihu Brewing to launch “Pineapple Express”, a limited-release beer

Bira 91, the world’s fastest growing premium beer brand, in collaboration with Taiwan’s Taihu Brewing has launched “The Pineapple Express” – a fresh, fruity, and tropical-style beer. Inspired by the famous Taiwanese Pineapple Cake, this refreshing ale has been brewed using locally sourced pineapples from India.

The Pineapple Express has been brewed at Bira 91’s microbrewery in Mysuru and will be exclusively available at Bira 91 Taprooms in Koramangala and Bengaluru International Airport starting 24th of November 2022. The Pineapple Express beer finds its roots in the mutual love for desserts across both cultures. Inspired by the famous Taiwanese Pineapple cake, this heavily fruited ale is juicy and refreshing. It’s bursting with tropical flavors of fresh pineapples, cake batter, vanilla, and cinnamon – just like your favorite cake, as a beer!

Commenting on the collaboration, Ankur Jain, CEO, Bira 91, said, “We are excited to celebrate the arrival of ‘The Pineapple Express’ in collaboration with Taihu Brewing. This beer is a taste of joy – a refreshing take on the famous Taiwanese Pineapple Cake and a celebration of the shared taste palate of both countries. At Bira 91, we are always trying to give consumers access to diverse beer styles that they are looking for and I am sure that this limited release beer will be a true party starter at our Taprooms across Bengaluru.”

Sharing her thoughts on the association of the two brands, Winnie Hsu, CEO, Taihu Brewing, said, “Pineapple Express is our collectively cheeky take on a classic Taiwanese dessert. We hope that fans of Bira 91 in India will, through each sip of this delicious beverage, be momentarily transported to Taiwan. For Taihu, this collab is more than a delicious beer, it represents how beer – unhindered by boundaries – can forge new friendships. We can’t wait to drop this at our taprooms around Taiwan (accompanied by some delightful Indian food). For those of you in India, don’t forget to pair it with the delectable Sunny Hills Pineapple Cakes we sent across!”

The beer is dropping at the Taihu Da’an Taproom, today, 24 November 2022. It will also be exclusively available at Bira 91 Taprooms in Koramangala and Bengaluru International Airport, India.

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