5 Tips to Sleep Better During Menstruation

During menstruation, women go through different symptoms. It could be unbearable at times and avert you from having a quality sleep at night. These symptoms such as cramps, headaches, breast tenderness and also over bleeding make you restful all day.  It could make a woman feel so tired in the day due to sleeplessness. Could you even imagine that women suffer from sleeplessness every month? Well, we could cease this restlessness by following simple tips naturally. No matter if you are having mild or heavy menstrual symptoms, you could now get rid of these symptoms and you could easily handle the restless periods every month. So, Let’s check out the simple tips to sleep better during menstruation.

Go for Heat Therapy:

Periods cramps are one of the major symptoms during menstruation. It is also associated with lower back pain which would give you terrible pain and steal your quality sleep. All you need to do is to try a heat therapy by having a heat wrap or warm water bottle to alleviate the pain. This would definitely help you have a soothing feel leading you to enjoy a good sleep at night.

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Create a Cool Ambience:

As the hormones are elevating your body temperature, it makes you to feel difficult for sleeping. Just create or keep your bedroom cool while you are going to bed. It should be between 60 to 68 degrees in your room which would offer a cool and chill sleeping ambiance.

Try Sleeping in Fetal Position:

Most of you would have a habit of sleeping on your back or by lying on your stomach. You just try to turn to your side and tuck in your arms and legs just like that of a fetus in a womb. This, in turn, helps you to alleviate the pressure from your abdominal muscles and it could relieve the tension which worsens the cramps.


Yoga is one of the best remedies of the pains and helps you to relax. Even studies have also revealed that yoga could assist you in relieving the pain which is associated with periods cramps. When you do some stretches before bedtime, you would be relieved from pain and be relaxed. This would be helpful in providing you a good sleep.

Relieve Yourself from Stress:

Generally, women go through some negative vibes symptoms during the days before menstruation. It is this negative mood that prevents them from falling asleep. If in case, stress is keeping you all awake throughout the night, then listen to some soothing music or have a relaxing bath before snoozing. You should also be away from gadgets and watching television to regulate a good night’s sleep not only during menstruation but also make it habit in your everyday life.

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