How to Prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis is a joint disease where there is inflammation of the joints, anywhere in the body. Check out the ways to prevent the condition.

How to prevent Arthritis? Arthritis is a joint disease where there is inflammation of the joints, anywhere in the body. It leaves the patient unable to perform simple tasks and sometimes with blinding pain. There are multiple types of arthritis, all having different symptoms.

It’s important to be precautious and take protective measures to ensure that the disease doesn’t hit us because arthritis does not have a history of being cured. So, we need to use protective techniques as long and far as possible.

When arthritis comes from genetics or family history, then it cannot be prevented. Reasons like old age and gender are also detrimental, and it becomes a chronic issue. In such cases one can try to reduce the risk and delay its onset. Here are some of the ways you can prevent and reduce the risk of arthritis –

Weight Control:

It is very important to remain healthy and have a controlled weight because this alone has been the reason many people get affected by arthritis. Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis and it is caused due the increased weight of a person and its toll on the knees. If you’re overweight, then every step you take increases the force on the knee, thus increasing the stress on the cartilage and the ligament. Obesity also causes metabolic changes which may trigger or promote osteoarthritis.

Arthritis is more probable in women than men but obese women are four times more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis arthritis than non-obese women. Weight loss has been proven to decrease the rate of cartilage degeneration. A ruined cartilage has no cure. Therefore, controlling your weight is imperative as it prevents you from other chronic diseases as well.

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Fitness and Exercise:

Even if there wasn’t the danger of potential arthritis, there is no downside to exercising and fitness, to be honest. Regular physical activity helps in maintaining healthy bones, joints and muscles. Regular exercise helps to reduce stiffness and joint pain, and builds strong muscles around the joints, reducing the stress on the knees.

Healthy Diet:

Eating healthy controls body weight and fat which are both important factors that affect the chances of arthritis. Dining-in and avoiding high calorie foods can do wonders. Foods that are high in calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin D can prove to be saviors.

Vitamin C is important for cartilage development. So eat citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits, and tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya etc. Vitamin D prevents cartilage degeneration and decreases the risk of joint space narrowing. So, seafood like wild-caught salmon and shrimp, and eggs should be consumed more. Calcium rich food like yogurt and orange juice should be part of the daily diet. Regular exercise is effective only when combined with the right diet plan.

Avoid Injuries:

Past injuries might not leave a scar but they leave their impact. Thus, sports injuries or any injuries, for that matter, that tear the ligament or result in severe wear and tear can lead to osteoarthritis years later. Get your injuries checked and be precautious.

Avoiding Tobacco and Balancing Alcohol:

Exposure to tobacco increases the risk of low bone mass and low bone strength, all of which directly and severely impact the development of osteoarthritis. Smoking increases the chances of rheumatoid arthritis. So avoiding or eliminating it should help a lot.

Alcohol consumption in excessive amounts increases the weight which in turn increases the pressure on joints, which is a contributor to arthritis. However, some studies show that alcohol when consumed the right or moderate amount may result in reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis. A glass per day for women and two for men qualifies as moderate. But this shouldn’t be used as a preventive method before getting the doctor’s consent.

Get your body checked regularly and consult a nutritionist to make the best plan for you.

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