Hear Here the Reasons Why You Should Try Scuba Diving In India

Love Scuba Diving? Look no further but India offers the best choices to experience it.

Looking for options to try Scuba Diving in India? When it comes to India, you could experience the entire bluish-green ambiance to the maximum. India exhibits the other side of the world when you are most engrossed in it. Most people would love scuba diving and even some might would wish to do it, right? Well, India swanks captivatingly amazing diving destinations as it has about 8000 kilometers of coastline. Be it the attractive Andaman Islands or the turquoise aquatic life of Lakshadweep or excitement infusing Goa, there is a surfeit of sites to dive and experience an underwater world that would manifest you the other side of India. Even if you are not an adrenaline junkie, you would get the excitement of diving when you know about the magical reasons for scuba diving as India boasts a great diving site in which many would be suitable for divers of all levels.

Amazing Diving Facilities:

As mentioned before, India has a profusion of diving sites and organizers and the teams of Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) which proffer diving courses for beginner and advanced divers as well. Additionally, most of the diving destinations in India are near the hotels and resorts which could help make your arrangements.

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Ever-cherishing Aquatic Life:

The diving sites that India offers you are most captivating with its marine creatures including manta rays, sharks, reef fish, turtles, jellyfish, coral blankets, nudibranch, stonefish, stingrays, great barracuda, turtles, cobias, Napolean wrasse, whales, and many other varieties. Interestingly, some of the dive sites would also offer you sightings of shipwrecks, and the whole of marine life is screened up for you. Could you even handle that breathtaking underwater world situation? Well, it is a completely stupendous one.

Stunning Visibility:

Many dive sites of India present you with stunning visibility. When it comes to Andaman and Lakshadweep, it would offer you the best visibility of about 45 meters. In Goa, you could get great visibility of up to 11 meters and Pondicherry comes with about 20 meters. When it comes to Netranis, it would be 40 meters and Kovalam presents up to 10 meters and Vizag offers about 25 meters.  Does not it sound amazing as you could imagine already?

Diving comes with Reasonable Price:

You could experience the best Scuba diving in India at a reasonable price. Andamans would cost around 3,500 to 6,500 Rs/- for an hour, diving in the vibrant Goa would cost around 5,000 Rs/- per head including your training and when it comes to diving in Pondy costs approximately 6,000-8,000 Rs/- per head which includes two dives in a day. Diving in Tarkali costs approximately 1,500 Rs/- per head and Kovalam with 5,000 Rs/- per head would be affordable. So, you could get the most out of Scuba diving at a very reasonable price.

Displays Old and New World Experience:

Even if you are fond of history and not an adventure junkie, you could still choose to dive as you could get to experience the lost city of Dwarka in Gujarat which is about 9,000-year-old and some shipwrecks at Minicoy of Lakshadweep. So, each diving would purvey some new and distinctive things which are beyond your imagination. Who else would not love to explore the water-world as it has clandestine things in it? Well, India itself is not only a land of treasure but also it has been embedded intensely with a rich history on the other side of it.

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