Trekking to Lohagad (Iron fort) Does Not Need Muscles of Iron

How about trekking to Lohagad? Otherwise known as the iron fort, Lohagad is one of the prodigious hill forts of Maharashtra state in India. It is located close to the hill station known as Lonavala of Pune and Lohagad rises majestically to an elevation of 1033 m above the sea level. This particular iron fort is connected to the neighboring fort called Visapur Fort through a small range. And further information is that this fort was under the Maratha Empire for a majority period of time. Designed in the shape of the tail of a scorpion, Lohagad once served as a prison back in 1564 CE. And one can enter the fort through any of the four entrances such as Maha Darwaja, Ganesh Darwaja, Hanuman Darwaja, and Narayan Darwaja. This fort is worth stopping to admire!

How interesting it will be when you prod into the ancient fort with a rocky stony wall that is covered with green plants!

The greenery steps will lead you to explore the ancient rocky and greeny fort of Lonavala.

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Lohagad is known to be an ideal trekking destination for trekkers. Its green ambiance attracts the passionate souls of trekkers and soothes their painstaking heart. Trekking at this place is very popular, especially during the monsoons. And Malavli is the base of the trek which is around 7km from Lohagad, which completely encircles with the scenic beauty as well as offers a pleasant trek. Additionally, this rocky green fort propounds the aerial view of Karla, Bhaja caves and Pawna Lake. Yet the most attractive and amazing thing of Lohagad Fort trek is the ‘Vinchu Kata’ fortification which resembles a scorpion’s tail.

The path leading to the fort is all ready to welcome you with greenery ambiance. Aura of the place itself tranquilizes your soul and will lead you to have serene life. At times, it is better to spend some valuable time amidst Mother Nature. You could also trek the nearby places of Lohagad and try trekking at Visapur Fort. It serves you with several breathtaking views of lush green valleys, clear water and waterfalls. You will get amazed at the embellished architecture, the old house, caves, and ruins of a large stone-built house which is also known as Peshwa’s Palace. You could witness many temples at this place yet most of them are dedicated to Hanuman as he was known to be the patron deity of Visapur Fort.

Just explore the iron fort as well as the Visapur fort, as it enriches your soul and body as a whole.

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