Switch to Yoga Mode with Reflex 3.0 on the International Yoga Day

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 in dual colour tones is the Yoga buddy you need to celebrate International Yoga Day this June 21st

Fastrack Reflex 3.0 the latest fitness band from the leading youth accessory brand offers 10 + sports mode that tracks various fitness activities. The Yoga Mod offered by the brand tracks all yoga movements seamlessly and measures the relevant metrics associated with these Asanas. The Inhale screen available lets you take some time out and breathe in and out.
With Active Heart rate monitor, activity tracker, 10 days battery this dual toned Reflex 3.0 is a blend of a functional tech product and a fashion accessory. Perfect for starting your yoga journey, the fitness band is available in 4 colour options at a sweet price of INR 2495 on the Fastrack website Fastrack.in
The 0.96 inch full touch colour display of Reflex 3.0 allows music and camera control via touch and the home button
at the bottom of the screen curves flawlessly into the strap for a smooth look and perfect fit.
Fastrack Reflex 3.0 Smart band The product is supported by Fastrack Reflex World App which is Titan’s first app designed and developed in house from scratch! A very functional app with carefully designed UI to appeal to
today’s youth. The Dashboard provides a quick preview of the day Specific sections on the App help you get detailed insights on your performance for each of the activities with graphical representation so that you’re not bogged down with numbers.
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