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Android’s next version may be named after Neyyapam

Android’s next version may be named after Neyyapam

Google is conducting a survey to decide the name of its next android version. The name could be the name of a Kerala sweet as the Kerala tourism ministry has been telling people to call the android by the name Neyyappam. Google India’s CEO Sundar Pichai is the one that suggested the online poll after someone asked him whether it could be an Indian sweet name?


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Android is known for naming its android versions ,sweets names like Lollipop. Kitkat and Marshmallow. Google results clearly show the huge demand for Neyyappam. If you like Neyyappam too, you can vote for it here. Since the name of the android version has to start with N, Neyyappam is a suggestion especially from Kerala. Neyyappam is a dish made of rice and jaggery and is a liked dish in the state of Kerala. Other contenders were noodles and nachos. A name for an android version also requires international appeal. It surely helps that SundarPichai is an Indian and can influence a big decision like this, but we are not sure whether Neiyapam has global appeal. You can vote till June 9 and there is no guarantee that the maximum votes are a decider as Google has the final say in what to choose.

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