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Are you excited to prod into the Sadras of Chennai?

Are you excited to prod into the Sadras of Chennai?

  • Dutch Fort is waiting for you!

Spectacular Sadras has been a fortress laid in the Kanchipuram district which is 70 km south of Chennai in Tamil Nadu state. The then called Sadras is earlier known as Saduranga Pattinam. The British left plenty of marks from their colonial heritage in and around Chennai. Few may be aware of this Dutch fort in the coastal areas surrounding Chennai. Not as many of us would know about the hidden Dutch heritage of Chennai which is located exactly on East Coast Road, just the south of Mahabalipuram.

It was during the 17th century, England was engaged in a heated feud with the Netherlands for control over trade in Southern India, specifically the Coromandel Coast. It is believed that the Dutch were known to be the dominant colonial power on the Coromandel Coast. Later, both English and Dutch East India Companies intertwined and set up two new establishments and then accompanied by forts. The English built is town around Fort St.George,  what is now popularly known as Chennai whereas the Dutch built a Muslin Cloth Factory and fort known as Sadras after the real or original name, Sadurangapattinam.

Chennai’s hidden Sadras: Sadras, after the end of the Dutch control, it becomes lifeless and lost most of its features and fortifications. The development and maintenance of the Fort came under the control of the Archeological Survey of India(ASI)  which has indulged in reforming the fort for years. Only a few visitors stop by this site to have a look but it is a hundred percent worth peering the walls of buildings and tombstones and observe the hidden stories of the place. People should at least visit this wonderful broken wall. Though they appear to be less charming, it has inscribed incredible history in it. “Old is always Gold”, true to this we should peer into the historical architectural buildings along with its sensational stories.

A long walk into this place will make you discover the foe’s old rusty canon which is still remaining at the place. After all, our foe flew away in the air, the majestic walls and halls stood there to depict the history to the interesting visitors. The grasses find its place over the tall ramparts of Fort Sadras which would be a natural feast to the visitors. How brainy our foes were! Even after they have gone centuries back, they amuse as though their bricks, buildings, halls, the tombs, and other notable things. The ramshackle gates of the fort still cling a bell tower on the top. This is how it invites you into the 17th-century town of the 21st-century world.

Now, you could discover the graves or cemeteries at the place. Meanwhile, the inside of the halls would be dark but at some places, the sunlight would peek into the buildings which look too natural for you to seize the moment. Only a few visitors would like to walk into the place yet it is engulfed with beauty. It is the broken walls which make you awe-struck and the belfry which would make you think how strong it would be. As of now, one will wonder about the majestic and centuries-old buildings of Sadras. It is completely disappointing when Sadras gates are knocked by a very limited number of visitors.

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Do visit this 17th-century town of the 21st  century!

Prodding into Sadras might carry you into the Dutch breeze of Chennai!

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