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Armrest not arm-wrestling, so don’t fight!

Armrest not arm-wrestling, so don’t fight!

Every time you board a flight remember one thing that you are not alone. Do consider your fellow man. Flying could be fun but let it not be a headache for other .It seems many air travelers are totally oblivious to even the basics of in-flight etiquette.

You did not pay for reclining your seat back

Some passenger’s mistake that only if you recline you are comfortable. But you can actually be comfortable without is as well. Many problems in the airplane cause due to this. Make sure that you leave some space for the person who is sitting behind to stand.Before you hit the recline button, check if the person behind you is using a laptop and needs to adjust their screen or extend the tray table.

Where to stow your carry-on 

When boarding, some passengers put their carry-on bag in the first available overhead bin letting others to struggle. Stow your bag in the general vicinity of your seat. Don’t insist that the overhead bin directly above your seat is yours. Many people like to stow their bag in the bin in front of them so they can keep an eye on it. That is both sensible and fair.Ship your presents, don’t bring them on the plane.

Travel light

And bloated hand luggage that’s bursting at the seams and needs a shot-putter to wedge it into overhead bins? Give me a break. There’s a reason why carry-on baggage is limited and bins are not TARDIS-like portals to infinite space.

Second bag smarts

Worse still are passengers who bounce-up and down to fetch items from their carry-on bag. It’s better for you and your seat-mates if you bring a second, much smaller bag – one that can be stowed under the seat in front of you – with everything you’ll need during the flight.

Blokes should consider a compact messenger-style satchel that can hold an iPad, noise-canceling headphones, a small set of in-flight toiletries, your travel wallet and such.

Crying babies

There’s really very little you can do about it. Bring some toys to keep them engaged. Use noise-reduction headphones and ear plugs. It’s not the babies who annoys; it’s the parents who don’t try to do anything infants crying.

Armrest not don’t fight.

The passengers in the window seat and aisle seat each get one armrest. Please allow the the poor squashed soul in the middle seat to use both because it the most difficult for them to sit rigid not leaning.

What to wear on an airplane?

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Traveling in plane is more casual in recent years and so has the attire. While we agree casual clothes are more comfortable, passengers sometimes go too far. They sport a tee with weird wordings making others very uncomfortable. Dress as if your parents were along for the trip.

Closing window shade?

Make up your mind whether to close or open window shade because there are people who wants to take a nap or someone would want to work or read so no one can force to keep the shade open or close. People can adjust to a steady light but not to your indecision.

How to leave the lavatory 

Most airplane lavatories are smelly, dirty and germy — how could they not be with so many people using them in so short a time? That doesn’t mean that you have to add to the mess. So make sure to leave the lavatory as clean as possible, which means at least wiping out the sink with a paper towel.

Not all seat kickers are children

There are plenty seat kickers out there, too. So please tell your children and others who use the seat kickers to calm down and read some books so that the person who is in front seat will have some peace. If you’re the victim, convey your annoyance as nicely as possible.

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