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Never miss your granny’s earful about the virtues of a good old champi. There is wisdom in those words. For beautiful skin, hair and nails do not have to...

Never miss your granny’s earful about the virtues of a good old champi. There is wisdom in those words. For beautiful skin, hair and nails do not have to be synonymous with lighter wallets and wasting hours on end. Here’s a amazing beauty tips from around the world. Read on…

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Spanish circles

You all must have heard of cucumber slices to lighten those dark circles around your eyes. Try it the Spanish women way – use very thin potato slices over your eyes. Keep them on for ten minutes. You will notice that they actually lighten the skin reducing the blueness of the veins under your eyes.

The Brazilian way to kiss cellulite goodbye

Every women despair is cellulite and there seems to be no way to get rid of  it. This is what Brazilian women do they rub sand on their bodies. Dry brushing is the best and natural and probably the only way to ward off cellulite. So, use sand to kiss cellulite goodbye.

Greek TLC for lips

Beauty rituals doesnt mean spending money on beauty products. Greek and Italian women use olive oil to sooth and repair chapped lips. It is the best treatment to heal dry and irritated skin. It also conditions skin and lips while making it glow beautifully.

Chinese anti-ageing

Sip on white tea like the Chinese do. It protects your skin from free radicals and you don’t need to worry about Botox, fillers, collagen and the likes.

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Australian dandruff cure

Couldn’t find any better solution to get rid of dandruff? To kiss those flakes a goodbye – just add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to your shampoo. This is a foolproof trick from down under to getting rid of dandruff. Be careful with the essential oils though. Massage your scalp with a few drops to see the change.

Scandinavian skincare

The world’s most beautiful women are Scandinavian why? This is because the women are gifted with flawless skin and ageing gracefully. In their skincare or beauty regime water plays an vital role, drinking lots of spring water along with treating their face to it. While taking a shower – steaming your face helps open the pores and unclog all the impurities lodged in them. You can also use a hot towel to cover your face for a few minutes for this purpose. Then splash your face with ice cold water. Cold water closes the pores and tightens the skin. It also helps eliminate puffiness. Do 20 splashes with cold water should do the trick.

Dominican way to stronger nails

The Secret for strong nails from the Dominican Republic is Garlic. This a natural way to strengthen your nails and also to get rid off vampires. Take a fresh garlic, chop them and add them to a bottle of clear nail polish. Leave them in there for seven to eight days. Paint your nails with this concoction. Though it’s smelly at the beginning, its less expensive pay to getting rid of brittle nails.

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