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An exclusive interview with wildlife photographer, Arun Prasad Reddy

An exclusive interview with wildlife photographer, Arun Prasad Reddy

An exclusive interview with wildlife photographer, Arun Prasad Reddy


An exclusive interview with the wildlife photographer, Arun Prasad Reddy

Arun Prasad Reddy is one of those finest wildlife photographers today, known for his vivid display of wildlife excellence. As we all know wildlife photography is one of those genre’s of photography where patience is everything.He is passionate about wildlife photography. His work has been showcased in national and international publications like the NGC.

Arun Prasad started his career as a Mechanical Engineer. After finishing sales and marketing in 1996, he made his first trip to the jungle. Until 2000, he was a guest visitor at Mudhumalai, His interest  for photography slowly developed and In 2004, he began his career with a digital camera.

He made it a point to visit Mudhumalai every month because of which he lost his job. There was no looking back for Arun since then.

Singara – Masinagudi :It comprises of forests on either side of a road connecting these two villages. The corridor is intensively used by elephants, which seasonally move from the Mudhumalai Tiger Reserve to the Nilgiri North Division.  Further north between Singara and Masinagudi Villages, elephants move in an east-west direction through a private forest belonging to Singara (coffee) estate.

It was a dream come true for Arun Prasad Reddy in 2011, when  he had an opportunity to visit a resort at singara. Arun Prasad Reddy is now working as a manager at whistlingwoods Resorts.

He started living in the wild and continued his passion for wildlife photography, trekking, safari and night camping.

When you go on safari you can find so many different wildlife. I try to be ready for “expect the unexpected”. “One can never be a hero in the jungle. The only way to get close to the wildlife is to replace FEAR  with love.” , says the ace photographer.

Bear :

The most deadliest animals on the planet. Very dangerous and powerful.

If you faced the bear this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll attack you. But if you see the bear running to you and there’s no place to hide, don’t turn away to run and don’t show you’re scared.

A little about Whistling woods ESTATES:

The name itself identifies that Whistling wood estate is not a hotel or a resort. Its more like a home stay in the wilderness serenity. They are situated in the valley where in you can have a spectacular view of the Nilgiri mountains on one side & the other side you can see the Mudhumalai tiger reserve sanctuary.

And this place is basically an eye treat for nature lovers. This estate is spread across 17 acres where in you can experience a breath taking view of nature.

Arun Prasad Reddy will share with us his experience from the jungle. Watch this space to know more.

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