Ashwin pledges to donate eyes!

ICC player and cricketer of the year starts Ashwin foundation!
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The Ashwin Foundation

India’s star cricketer and ICC cricketer of the year Ravichandran Ashwin pledged to donate his eyes. Ashwin also launched his foundation.
‘Donating your eye is a simple process. I have done it. Every responsible citizen must contribute to this noble cause,’ said Indian all-rounder and ICC Cricketer of the Year Ravichandran Ashwin, while pledging his eyes at an event held here in the city.
At an event organised by Rajan Eye Care here, the cricketer he had launched ‘The Ashwin Foundation’ to bring awareness in the society.

‘At the start of 2016, I wanted to do a lot of good things to society. It irked me that I wasn’t doing much to Chennai. I wanted to make a change and contribute something like donating eyes. After concentrating on the election awareness campaigns, next on my agenda is to increase road safety and sanitation.’
‘I had never dreamt of sharing the dais with film actor Y G Mahendran and educationist (Mrs) Y G Parathasarathy, as I was a student of their school but I am honoured to do so today,’ he said.
Rajan Eye Care chairman and medical director Dr Mohan Rajan said, ”Rotary Eye Bank was started 20 years ago with the sole aim of providing eyesight to the blind. Nearly 20 million visually-challenged live in this country. We provide free corneal transplants and we have operated upon 7,000 patients till now. But for doing that, we need donors. That is why we need celebrities who take up this cause and bring awareness.’

He further said that nearly four million blind people have corneal blindness and 60 per cent of them were affected below the age of 15. ‘Corneal blindness is not resource dependent. After every death, we must ensure that eye donation happens,’ he said.
Rajan praised Ashwin and said that the cricketer had immediately accepted their request and pledged his eyes.
Ashwin’s eye donation campaign follows the previous efforts of cricketers like Rahul Dravid, the entire New Zealand team and Adam Gilchrist. Former tennis player Vijay Amritraj has been serving as the ambassador for Rotary Rajan Eye Bank now.
Speaking on the occasion, Mrs Y G Parthasarathy said, ‘Teachers are supposed to teach in this society. But here, we are taught by our students. It is not often that teachers donate their eyes and we must start doing it.’
Dr Sujatha Mohan and employees of Rajan Eye Care Hospital were present.

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