Avartana – Redefining Food from the Southern Indian Peninsula!

ITC Hotels unveils Avartana at ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.
Avartana – Redefining Food from the Southern Indian Peninsula!

Credited with taking Indian cuisine onto the global stage, ITC Hotels presents the latest in the array of thoughtful, luxury dining from the ITC stable: Avartana at the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai.

With Avartana, ITC Hotels provides a showcase of contemporary South Indian food that is firmly anchored in the traditional flavours and ingredients of the Southern peninsula, while being fascinatingly innovative in the interpretation of the cuisine and its presentation. Pronounced ‘avartan’, this Sanskrit word refers to rhythm, mysticism and magic. Much like the restaurant’s name, the dishes are an expression of magical art, with each one featuring unique concepts in modernist iterations and progressive renditions.

Our experienced and talented team pick and choose the choicest of fresh ingredients and seasonal produce, to fashion inventive recipes that blend flavours from across the Southern Indian Peninsula with techniques from across the globe. Robust flavours meet twenty-first-century global technology reinventing haute cuisine fine dining into an evolved art.

 Food – the Familiar and the Modernist

Local spices, delicate broths, infused oils, fresh coconut, aromatic curry leaves contribute to the essence of our cooking.

Timeless flavours come together in magical medleys of tantalising taste and uber-stylish presentations, at prices to suit every indulgence, in 7 tasting experiences to delight a variety of palettes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian avatars. Choose from Maya, Bela, Anika, and Tara for a palate-pleasing and aesthetically heightened experience.

An alluring selection of mocktails and cocktails infused with Indian spices in fresh flavours and unique tastes can be agreeably paired with your choice of food. Take your pick from The Lighthouse, Pondy’s Sangria, Whisky Cha, A Sprinkle of Happiness, and much more. Indulge your whim.

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Design and Decor

Luxury dining at any ITC signature restaurant is always a vision to behold, and the latest avatar is high in the glamour quotient.

The auspicious and multi-purpose banana leaf, especially symbolic of the great South is a recurrent theme of the design and décor of this flagship restaurant. The banana leaf motif on the carpet, pairs with the banana flower on the dazzling partitions, creating a delightful Southern ambience. The motif is further enhanced by the presence of the Southern Indian boat prow which adorns the main wall of the dining areas. This theme runs along the Filter Coffee Station which is thoughtfully positioned at the entrance to welcome our guests.

The warmth and hospitality of the South manifest itself in the mellow, light colour scheme, light-coloured wood, silver-hued fabric upholstery, accentuated with objects d’art in tones of copper and amber.  The furniture is a happy and harmonious blend of modern and contemporary, offset by glorious Indian vintage touches of brass trim.

The dining experience at Avartana extends to the crockery and cutlery as well. Rustic earthenware in earthy shades, bamboo holders, complement ornate steel cutlery and contemporary glassware.

An open and interactive show kitchen demonstrates the drama and flair of preparing food live to interested guests.

Avartana also features a Private Dining Room which accommodates 10 guests with a choice of a customised meal, making it a heightened experience in exclusivity and sophistication.

With authentic cuisine in modernist interpretations, Avartana opens in Chennai as a luxurious, redefined culinary experience; where this edible canvas of illusion is featured in surprising avatars that form the core philosophy at Avartana – a magical alternative representation of Southern culinary mosaics.

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