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Ayurveda helps beat the weight game!

Ayurveda helps beat the weight game!

It has become a common phenomenon to see people who are overweight every where we go. Unlike earlier, today obesity has become quite a common problem and one that many are struggling to overcome. Let us have a quick chat with Dr Gowthaman to understand how Ayurveda helps beat the weight game.

 Q1.What is the percentage of obese people who walk into your clinic on a daily basis like? 

About 30% walk in with the focus to lose weight, however since we are pain management experts, most of the time the people who walk in with OA or joint pains are related to Obesity or Weight problem. 

Q2.Are they mostly adults or children?

It is mixed, there are both Children and Adults who walk in with these issues. Infact there are quite a few pre and post menopause women in their early 40s to late 60s who come for a consult. 

Q3.What are the major causes for obesity?

 The leading causes are lack of physical exercises, intake of unhealthy food ( junk food, pizza, burgers, eating out at hotels)  and eating at improper timings.  Above all, the failure of lifestyle management combined with medications, thyroid and hormonal imbalances are also leading causes for obesity.

4.How different is Ayurvedic treatment for obesity when compared to alopathy?

 At rVita, it is a personalized approach we adopt, there will be a systematic process of treatment like stabilizing the metabolic functions through  internal medicines, yoga; diet and external therapy such as  udvartanam( medicated powder massage) whereas in alopathy it will be all about diet and exercise.

At rVita, weight management is based on person’s lifestyle, job, age, medical conditions, intake of medicines etc. And yes, the treatment and results vary from person to person.

5.Many feel it is a battle lost, is that true?

Yes, that is true.  The  battle is lost if we don’t address the issue properly. For example, a person suffering from Hypothyroid should be supplemented to proper thyroid medicines combined with a good healthy lifestyle and Ayurveda therapies for better healing.

6.What advice would you tell someone who has been battling the weight problem for years?

Ruling out the cause and understanding the reason for not following the diet or exercise or any therapy and counsel them will help. Unless a person understands the value for his health, life style, medicines, it is impossible to follow. At rVita, we take immense time and care to educate and counsel the patient about what we do and the expected results over a course of time [daily or weekly]. We keep smaller milestones, very easy diets and simple 15 minute exercises and therapies to suit everyone requirements which in turn helps everyone to be happy and see results.

7.If there was one advice you would give someone on the path to losing weight, what would that be?

The one advice would be to adopt proper balance diet, yoga and maximum 1 hour exercise every day. Moreover it is important to be patient, follow the exercise or diet routine diligently for 3-6 months. Our body needs time to shed the unwanted calories.

8.How long will it take for someone to lose weight through Ayurveda/Natural Healing?

Our programs are all personalized; therefore it usually takes about 4 weeks for the results to be visible. The effect can be sustained with regular exercises and proper/ planned lifestyle. 

9. How do you look at Crash Dieting as a concept?

Crash diets are bound to cause health problems as we rushing the body to lose weight within short period of time by limiting the intake of calories. It is not a natural way of healing the body and once the diet is stopped, there will be weight gain combined with weakness. There might also be change in immunity levels which can cause repeated infections like TB and so on.

10.Any statistics on how many Indians suffer from obesity, that you would like to share with us?

Studies have shown that the numbers are more towards the women population. About 51% of men and nearly 81% of women are known to be obese in our country.

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11.For people who are overweight but have good stamina and energy levels, are the treatments different?

Yes, at rVita we have an entire list of treatments to treat people battling weight issues.  We offer treatments that are customized based on the persons’ age, sex, life style habits, medical conditions and other factors.

12. What are the most common factors for obesity? Are they any different in our country when compared to foreign countries?  

As mentioned earlier, food habits play a major role. In India, lot of people are changing their lifestyle and switching to eating unhealthy food. The number of people who cook is drastically reducing which means people are eating out all the time. Vitamin D deficiency, reduced or increased hormonal function are some of the side effects of such an altered lifestyle.

13.How can people consult you online regarding rVita’s weigh loss programs?

The first thing we recommend is to go for a full medical check up with the following tests — HB, Diabetic profile, thyroid profile, Vitamin D3 and B 12. Once we receive it via email or as a physical report, we send a set of questions to understand the person, their current health and lifestyle in detail. Based on the consult, we develop a weight management plan. 

14. Basic Food diet that everyone should follow to maintain a healthy body!


15. Pl Share with us a few myths about weight loss 

1. Crash diet can help in weight loss, 2. Skipping food helps in weight loss, 3. Reducing Non Veg helps in weight loss, 4. Organic foods helps in weight loss

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