Amethyst presents latest collections from Weavers Studio and Sapna Singhania on February 24th and 25th, 2022

Collection Note:

When human hands and heart work in tandem, that is grace in the making. Handwoven cloth has beauty and grace that is significant. – Sadhguru

Weavers Studio, a name associated with handcrafted, ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable contemporary textiles, works with the mission statement ‘use as many hands as possible’.

The unique collection at Amethyst will feature all-weather-appropriate natural fabrics in soft and soothing hues with an eclectic mix of sarees, kurtas, tunics, kaftans, open-jackets, stitched and unstitched sets, stoles and dupattas, created using traditional art forms such as Kantha, Shibori, Jamdani, Hand block Printing, Patchwork, Batik and more.

Weavers Studio refrains from artificial fibres and power-loom fabrics. They constantly strive to ensure your love for ‘handmade’ keeps growing. Revival of ancient textile art form and production of the finest textile crafts have always been their core mission, the essence of which will be reflected in their exhibit at Amethyst.

Celebrate your uniqueness with our beautifully crafted collection, specially curated for Amethyst.

Mission & Vission:

Weavers Studio has pursued the art of excellence in their handmade textile products since 1993. With a mission and commitment towards preserving all forms of handmade textiles and products, They bring to you the finest handmade fabrics and textile products from all over the world, made by the finest craftsmen of India.

Approximate Price Range:

Stoles: Rs.2,250/- to Rs.14,500/-

Dupattas: Rs.14,500/- to Rs.28,500/-

Sarees: Rs.5,000/- to Rs.48,000/-

Unstitched Sets: Rs.7,500/- to Rs.32,000/-

Readymade (Kurtas, Tunics and Jackets): Rs.6,000/- to Rs.22,000/-


Sapna Singhania, connoisseur and designer, has a global clientele for her eponymous line of diamond and semi-precious jewellery.

Born and raised in Thailand and trained at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) located there, Sapna’s creative designs draw inspiration from the intricate artistry of Asian cultures and medieval architectural forms from across the world. Her jewellery is a striking communion of precious metal with Burmese rubies, champagne diamonds, multi-coloured sapphires and, or semi-precious stones.

‘Invisible setting’ in the most vibrant colours creates enormous eccentricity. You will find the collection contemporary and fashionable, emphasizing on femininity. The hand crafted jewellery which IS so flexible & light weight, is elegant and has a dramatic appeal. The colours reflect glamorous, modern women of today who are passionate about what they wear, who are keen for emerging trends. Classy jewels which stand out in any crowd.


1 Light weight & flexible

2 Quality ruby, sapphire, semi-precious & unusual stones

3 Collection of Victorian / thai / art-deco / fashionable / traditional designs

4 Collection varies from semi-precious chains in gold to diamond studded necklaces, braceletes, kadas, cufflinks & funky rings & earrings.

Sapna Singhania breaks away from the norms of jewellery design and brings its clientele original and extremely innovative designs with superior craftsmanship. They have long been associated with overseas designers, and intend to break away from traditional Indian jewellery to define international trends. Another asset which Sapna Singhania exudes is originality. Jewellery pieces are only made in groups of three and are not sold in the same city so that each piece makes the person feel special and unique.

A Sapna Singhania creation provides delightful company through day and night, prêt and couture, brunch or a red carpet charity gala.

Invisible Setting (USP)

You can’t see it. You can’t measure it. But you know it’s there, you can feel its perfection, its brilliance burning like a supernova.

It is invisible.

It is love.

Like the most powerful force in our universe – love – the hidden things in our world are often intangible in their worth. Sapna Singhania uses techniques developed in the land of love, France, more than two centuries ago, to bring you pieces of jewelry stunning and flawless, ethereal in quality and trendy in their uniqueness.

In the invisible setting technique, the stones are set next to each other without any visible metal holding them in place. Grooves in each stone, under the gridle, slip into a metal framework below the surface. Not only does this give your diamonds protection from wear and tear by the elements but this metal cannot be seen, thus resulting in an effect where the gemstones sit side by side, creating an illusion of a solid surface of a gem. Accent your central gemstones, or make your diamond larger (wouldn’t we all love that?) – the sky’s the limit – you can have your very own shining star.

Price starting Rs.1 Lakh onwards…

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