At the Reveal of her Latest Collection Purisai, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Designer, Vino Supraja launched Debut Book

Vino Supraja, acclaimed ethical and sustainable fashion designer of eponymous fashion brand launched her debut book – What is Sustainable Fashion? An Antidote to Fashion Pollution, in her home town of Chennai at The Luz House, Mylapore on 27th August, 2022. The book launch served as the perfect platform for the first reveal of Vino’s latest collection – Purisai, inspired by the ancient Tamil street theatre art form of Therukoothu.

Speaking about the launch of her book, Vino Supraja, Author, Ethical and Sustainable Fashion Designer, whose collections have walked the ramp at the Shanghai Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion Week (10th Anniversary), New York Fashion Week and more, says, “As a fashion insider I want to highlight the many shocking facts about the industry that are rarely spoken about. While most books on sustainable fashion tend to be data-heavy, difficult reads, I have taken a more reader-friendly approach, with facts, illustrations and reflections, to help reach out to a wider audience and empower readers to make more informed fashion purchase decisions”. Vino’s 150-page has its Foreword written by globally acclaimed Bangladeshi model and UNESCO artist for peace, EARTHDAY.ORG ambassador Bibi Russell.

The book launch also saw Vino’s latest collection – Purisai being released. This collection is inspired by the ancient Tamil street theatre art form of Therukoothu. Elaborating on her inspiration for this collection, Vino says, “Growing up, I lived just 10km away from Purisai village where the folk art of Therukoothu thrives to this day. My latest collection is drawn from my vivid memories of the painted faces of the artists, the long stripes on their voluminous skirts, the crown, the décor and the many mythological characters they brought to life with each performance. This is the art form of my home, and this collection is my dedication to the art of Therukoothu, for making my childhood colourful”.

For the book and the collection will be available from 27th August 2022 on

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