At The Switch Fix we ensure that our fixes are Clean, Conscious & Effective

1. Clean

Our products are created using plant-based ingredients which are carefully selected from the bountiful plant species our planet has to offer.

We ensure our products are safe. We harness the power of plants by carefully studying their chemical composition and all our products are free of toxins.

2. Conscious

Our formulations are vegan, water-saving, cruelty free and non-polluting

Packaging is plastic-free. We use responsibly sourced paper approved by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to preserve biodiversity

3. Effective

Our fixes incorporate both mitigation and adaptation aspects; they help prevent climate change, all while helping our tribe deal with the modern day stressors that accompany climate change – pollution, rising heat, etc.

Innovative Product Launch: Acai of Relief Hair Mask Bar

The Switch Fix has created an effective fix for hair fall in the form of an inventive hair mask bar by keeping the impact of this new-age lifestyle and environmental stressors in mind. Crafted with antioxidant-rich açai berries, onion, camellia and other nourishing plant-based ingredients, the ‘Acai of Relief Hair Mask Bar’ helps reduce hair fall while promoting overall hair growth. It works by strengthening the scalp and hair protective barrier that supports locking in essential moisture from escaping away.

Alongside providing relief and deep conditioning to those with dry scalp or dry and fragile hair, the hair mask bar is free from harsh chemicals that can harm consumers and the planet. Moreover, these first-of-their-kind hemisphere shaped hair masks utilize less water during formulation, as opposed to their traditional alternatives. In fact, its minimal recycled paper packaging results in reduced emissions—thereby making it a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.

Product Price (20% Introductory Discount)

– Acai of Relief Hair Mask ₹759

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