Be ‘wedding season’ ready with these must-haves in your bag

It is officially the wedding season and all the preparations call for you to be at your organized best. While this action-packed season is filled with love, joy and celebration, it can also be a witness to beauty emergencies that need immediate attention. This means you need to start thinking about all the things you or your friends will need to get your glam quotient up for the big day.
Not only will you want to look your best, but it’s also important to have the right tools for doing so. That tiny wedding clutch that is perfect for completing your outfit, often can only fit a few things. We’ve have got you covered with these must-haves that you need to keep handy while attending a wedding.
1. A beeswax lip balm: Wedding in winter months can also mean chapped lips. Beeswax is a natural moisturizer that works well as an anti-chapping remedy and helps keep lips soft and supple. While it is a crucial element of any make-up or skincare ritual it also fits perfectly in a small handbag.
2. A pen perfume: Smelling good also makes you feel confident. However, all the dancing and running around may require frequent touch-ups. The ITC Engage Click and Brush is a wedding-season essential. Not only is it easy to carry in a smaller handbag, but it can also be applied on the go too!
3. Blotting Paper: Excess oil on your skin is never a good look and can also melt your makeup. A blotting paper is the perfect product to soak up the grease and can be easily transported in your teeny clutch. It leaves your skin looking air-brushed and also keeps the makeup in place for long
4. Safety Pins: Safety pins are every woman’s best friend. It can be used in endless ways at a wedding – whether it’s a sizing issue, a fashion mishap, keeping your dupatta in place and more. It is always recommended to keep a few safety pins in your handbag no matter what the occasion
5. Tissues: A must have for every wedding as someone you know may need a tissue to dab away the happy tears. Keeping a few tissues handy will always be a good idea while you’re at a wedding.
Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador, ITC Engage says, “The ITC Engage Click & Brush perfume is an absolute life-saver for my wedding events. It is always in my check-list as the perfect aid to make you smell and feel good as it’s super easy to carry, and looks sleek and luxurious.”
While all the preparation can seem a little daunting, it is always better to be prepared with a check-list. At the end of the day, its one of the most special days in every person’s life and so it is important to remember to have fun and cherish every moment.

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