Entering The World Of Entrepreneurship With SOEZI Says Sonakshi Sinha

Actor, singer and painter Sonakshi Sinha adds one more feather in her cap, turns entrepreneur with her own nail brand SOEZI, says the brand is close to heart and it is her debut venture into the world of entrepreneurship.

Sonakshi Sinha was interacting with NewsHelpline at the launch of SOEZI in Mumbai.

Talking about her venture, Sonakshi Sinha said, “I am very excited, this is my first brand, my own brand, with this I am stepping into the world of entrepreneurship, this brand is close to my heart as it makes my life so easy, having different nails every day, we do so many shoots and stuff, so it comes handy. The whole going to the salon and waiting for hours, is all gone now with my brand”

Sonakshi Sinha also talked about her post going viral about engagement, which she claims was good intention prank to create a buzz for her venture.

She said, “I was just showing my nails, but everyone saw a ring, it is not my fault. My aim was to get attention to my nails, as I am launching nail brand, but I must admit, the response was phenomenal. It was a fun prank on everyone, and if anyone was hurt, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone. It was good intention prank”

Apart from business ventures, Sonakshi Sinha has lined-up her digital debut along with two other projects.

Talking about her upcoming releases, Sonakshi added, “I have 3 big ones coming out soon. One is Dahaad which is with Amazon Prime, it will be my first ever series. Than I am doing Kakuda, it is horror comedy with RSVP movies and then I am doing Double XL, which is fun filled film with a social message”

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