Evoluzione Chennai presents EPHEMERA by Nachiket Barve

The concept of Ephemerality is fascinating and so relative; the fragile flower that blooms for one night; the galaxy that emits light for eternity perhaps!

This collection is inspired by the multitude of transitions that we see in nature; the hypnotic patterns of tides on shores as they flow and ebb; the patterns of Meteor showers blazing in the skies; the urgency of flowers as they bloom in circadian rhythm; the pulsating sea anemones dazzling the oceans in sync with the tidal currents. Each of them grasping life with eagerness and bringing a sense of amazement and wonder to the one who is willing to pause and really marvel at these miracles.

Everything, including life itself is ephemeral! We control nothing in the vastness of time; every time we feel too self-important it is essential to remember that life will keep churning along long after we cease to exist. The pandemic has taught us that… personally, it has taught me to be mindful and cherish the present moment with gratitude and wonderment. After all, what would life be if we were to take away the wonder and magic of the universe?

The collection echoes a sense of vitality, exuberance and lightness that works perfectly for celebrating the joys and special moments of life; whether on a starlit beach in the tropics or on a dizzying rooftop in the clouds above the skyline.

The look is polished, sophisticated and fashion forward; while the craftsmanship is a true celebration of the best of the rich heritage of India offers with its lexicon of the handmade and artisanal.

Iridescent sequins glitter across feather weight organza; Hand cut and appliqued diaphanous blossoms tremble on sweeping gowns and swaying capes in gossamer silk add playfulness and pizazz to Cocktail wear.

Nachiket believes firmly in the value of the handmade and handcrafted; each textile and surface in this collection have been created with hundreds of hours of exquisite craftsmanship. Cutwork, Thread embroidery, beading and applique form the repertoire of techniques that bring the handwoven textiles to life. There is upcycling in the collection with fabrics and trims from previous seasons have been repurposed and rejuvenated so waste is minimized.

These are clothes to cherish; clothes to enjoy your special moments in and most importantly to create joyful memories in! For, moments are fleeting… it‟s the memories and joy that last a lifetime.

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