Avant-garde, contemporary and visionary, Gaurav Gupta will be returning to the runway as The Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale Designer. Gaurav’s signature style will have heads turning at the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale this season. The brand’s purpose this time around is all about embracing change and stepping out of our comfort zone and redefining life as we know it. Taking inspiration from that and changing the concept of a runway finale- Gaurav Gupta introduces his interpretation of #DefineToRedefine – a collection that took birth in the ocean. Creating a line-up made entirely of upcycled ocean plastic, the finale will witness him create magic as he takes Lakmé’s beauty statement of #DefineToRedefine to the next level. Walking the ramp for him and his showstopper this season is none other than Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Reflecting upon the endlessness and expanse of the ocean, advanced diver and ocean lover Gaurav sketched and developed the collection in the Andamans, during his diving retreat, in an attempt to make sustainability sexy. Through this collection, Gaurav aims to minimise carbon emissions and help alleviate the worsening climate change. Made with precision, he has used fabrics created with wrappers of crisps and biscuits, plastic bottles and other daily consumables that have been excavated from oceans & landfills and employed to create a chunk of the collection. The metallic fabrics emulate a feeling that one gets underwater and have been used to create a plethora of glamorous silhouettes in the form of sexy evening dresses, elaborate gowns and coordinate sets. Base fabrics and linings have also been made environmentally conscious by using pet plastic.

Definition and precision are seen in the sharp lines and edges across the endless forms & silhouettes – echoing the boundless underwater. Ranging from couture, demi-couture and hinting towards ready to wear, the collection meets the moment – as new glamour makes its debut questioning what is casual and what is over the top. Digital renditions and fabric research emulate a new aesthetic, drawing elements from the incessant aquatic life, coral, jellyfish and fantasy creatures.

“I am excited to showcase our interpretation of #DefineToRedefine on the runway for the Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale and make sustainability sexy. Working with Lakmé Fashion Week is always a thrilling experience and having Kareena Kapoor Khan be my muse makes it even more special. This year, more than ever, you can expect The Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale to redefine boundaries in fashion and beauty”, says Gaurav Gupta, Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale designer.

Returning to the runway after a brief hiatus is the ever-stunning Bollywood star and Lakmé Brand Ambassador Kareena Kapoor Khan. At the upcoming Lakmé Absolute Grand Finale, she will bring alive Gaurav’s vision of this season’s beauty theme ‘Define to Redefine’.

“I am really looking forward to Lakmé Fashion Week this season. It feels great to be back on the ramp. It has been a challenging year for all of us and what better way to celebrate the resilience and spirit of this industry and its people. You can expect a stellar show from Gaurav with a collection that embodies precision, definition and redefines fashion”, says Kareena Kapoor Khan, Lakmé Brand Ambassador and Showstopper.

Commenting on the association with Gaurav Gupta, Sumati Mattu, Head of Innovations, Lakmé said, “As trendsetters, we at Lakmé are excited about this year’s finale and to join forces with Gaurav who has such an edgy design sensibility, perfectly in line with our trend call out this season – #DefineToRedefine. Tapping the look of the future and keeping in mind our newest offering, the theme for Lakmé Fashion Week 2021 is ‘Define to Redefine’, a concept that celebrates the spirit of neoterics, the ability to fundamentally redefine the way things are seen and done. This season, Lakmé has set out to redefine the lip make-up experience with the Lakmé Absolute Precision Lip Paint. Taking inspiration from this spirit of redefinition, ace designer Gaurav Gupta’s collection will put a spin on redefining the way people look at fashion and couture as we know it by designing a collection made from ocean plastic waste.”

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