Karwachauth Makeup Trend

The majority of married women fast and get dressed up for their husbands on Karwachauth. On this auspicious day, women dress up, apply mehendi, get sargi, fast all day, and enjoy delicacies, presents, and their mother-in-law’s affection, Therefore, it stands to reason that you women should look your best on the eve of Karwachauth.

Even while we adore glitzy and bold makeup looks like precisely applied lips, smoky eyes, glitter eyeshadow accents, and more, most days we just want to look presentable and put together before leaving the house. Our go-to makeup look for (literally) any occasion comes into play in this situation.

If you prefer basic, elegant makeup, then this is the one for you! Apply concealer, and then use a highlighter to give it a glossy finish. Add a little blush or cheek tint for a touch of colour. Apply bare or pale pink lipstick to complete the look. Choose a tiny bindi and simple jewellery in the same colour as your clothing. This complements a traditional light-colored saree sari extremely well. Make a bun out of your hair or let it fall naturally. Definitely a simple and wonderful vibe with this outfit!

On the other hand, getting the appearance could require some talent and practise. There is a narrow line between achieving this flawlessly coiffed appearance and sporting a full-face of equally stunning glitz. The natural makeup style takes the correct tools, which are regrettably more difficult to get than you’d imagine. It is typically defined by fluffy brows, dewy skin, softly extended eyelashes, and a rosy flush on the cheeks. Light skin tints, shimmering balms, and tinted brow gels are carefully chosen for the aesthetic, which hinges on natural-looking cosmetics.

Inputs by- Gunjan Aghera patel makeup artist,Neel Bridal Studio

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