Makeup Looks for The brides of 2022

Indian bridal makeup has evolved significantly from the traditional liner and red-lip mixture. It’s been a joy to see this transformation. Today, there is no such thing as good or wrong; only the look that works best for you. What I do tell my brides is that their wedding photographs will endure a lifetime. Don’t simply imitate trends in order to hop on a bandwagon. Determine what works for you and keep to it

A girl’s wedding is the most awaited event in her life. A girl dreams of being the perfect bride on her wedding day. Her bridal gown and makeup are what make her look like a swoon-worthy bride. Bridal makeup pulls out a bride’s best features and makes her look like the best version of herself. The true characteristics of an Indian bride include dewy cosmetics, chiselled features, dramatic eyes, and statement lips.

Traditional heavy makeup is a thing of the past. The bridal makeup trend for this wedding season is all about minimalism, sobriety, creativity, and magnificence. Brides are no longer adorned with elaborate gowns, jewels, and bridal cosmetics. The most recent makeup trends emphasise accentuating specific qualities of brides to make them the epitome of delicate beauty and exquisite grace. Makeup artists have kept up with shifting makeup trends and incorporated new makeup designs.

Dewy Romance

Pink, pastels, and ivory are also much-favoured choices for the Indian bridal outfit today. A soft, dewy face elevates the romantic undertones of such a look. Less is more in this case. Let the natural radiance of your skin take over!

Glossy Sheen

While over-the-top glitter may be gone this year, a faint sheen should not deter you. Glossy lips in neutral or pink are ideal for a daytime wedding.

Modern Glam

Even a conventional bridal gown allows you to add some modern touches with makeup. After all, you don’t want your face to appear too dated. “Keep it basic but faultless.” “Showcase one feature,” Soni says. Smokey eyes (which match well with your post-wedding reception gown!) and well-defined brows will suffice.

Traditional Look

Bindis, or ornamental colorful dots on the brow, are a traditional bridal style. It’s one of the Solah Shringar, or the 16 adornments traditionally worn by brides.

Monochrome Magic

We wear monochromatic attire from head to toe, so why not wear monochrome makeup? Using tones from the same family to create a blended effect. A splash of monochrome pastels—soft pink eye shadow, pink blush, and soft lips—promises a dreamlike appearance.

Inputs by – Gunjan Aghera Patel makeup artist

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